3 Best hedge shears | Review & Buying Guide

The hedge is a plant which enhances the beauty of your garden. The hedge will not much more beneficial for you from the business purpose. However, some aspects of your garden are kept under control. This may create the special fence of your garden. Or there may be the dwelling place for different birds. This hedge will play a special role for gentle air flow in your garden. Moreover, there are several kinds and species of the hedge. For example, there are several fruit hedges which produce fresh food. Maybe blackberry tree hedge, gooseberries etc. However, all plants require care. And the rules of this service will vary from plant to plant. For example, to harvest fertilizers, weed must be destroyed, water is to be given. But regular shearing is needed for hedge’s beauty enhancement. But how can you do hedge shearing? For this purpose, there are a lot of hedge shears tools. If you think that you will gradually be shearing the hedge with the scissors, then the work is very time-consuming. So the best way for hedge shearing is to use hedge shears. How do you choose the best hedge shears? We will review the top 3 hedge shears in this article and you will be able to purchase your preferred hedge shears if you follow it. For more information about this, please follow our article.

What Are Hedge Shears?

Hedge shears are a handheld tool. It is a very important tool, just like other essential gardening tools. With this, you can easily do hedge shearing. The tool is usually too long. You will be able to do shearing in a long hedge. And its blade is very sharp. If the hedge branches are tough, you will be able to get rid of those by using Hedge Shares. And the biggest benefits are being you can fix the whole garden hedge on a certain size.

The things those are important to consider when buying Hedge Shears

Every tool has different sizes. Competence is determined on the size and according to competency, the price is determined. But size, power, and value are the main factors for any kinds of machines or tools. You can choose some style hedge shears. The one which you like, that may not be liked by anyone else. So you should select the best quality hedge shears according to your choice.

Tools vary according to the type of work. For example; you may need different hedge shears for cutting the arborvitae tree. If you have some kind of hedge in your garden, then many hedge shears will be required. So, choose a hedge shear that can be used for all kinds of hedge shearing. And if there is only one type of hedge in the garden, then choose a hedge shear that can be used to accomplish the work well. Otherwise, your task will be more difficult.

  • Weight and Size: Hedge shearing or pruning is a constant work. Because these plants grow very quickly and without pruning them, the real beauty of plants is wasted. When you buy hedge shears to reduce it, you need to focus heavily on the weight and size. Because you need to do pruning just above the place where you stand. In most cases, the plants reach higher elevation. And it is very difficult to carry anything to a higher place from your own body. So you need to lighten the hedge shears to make your work comfortable. Although the blade of hedge shears it is too long, but it is too mild. So it is better to choose such tools. Otherwise, it would be very painful to work if the weight of tools is much more.


  • Cutting Blades: If your hedge shearing work is very close, that means if the plants are medium size then buy small blades hedge. And tool handle must be small. Because if the handle and the blade are equal sizes then there will be difficulty in applying force. So buy hedge shears by keeping the blade and handle length ratio equal. In this case, the blade will 5-6″ long. If the edge of the garden is large then both of the blades and the handle should be larger. For this purpose, 9-12″ handle is needed for comfortable work. And according to this size, the blade will be long. The blades of any hedge shear are made of the straightaway. And this blade is made with artificial steel. There is a benefit to be made with steel; the blade is easy to sharpen. And for any reason, if the blades are screwed then easily can be straightened by hand.


  • Cutting Mechanism: You can easily cut the branches of trees through Geared technology. In this case, you will have less trouble and can complete the task by applying a little energy.


  • Cutting Capacity: Hedge shear can generally cut 0.5-inch diameter branch. There are some blades that are designed with grooves. These can be cut to more than 0.5 inches diameter branches. And if you need to cut big branches, keep the lopper in hand while working. The large and thick branch will be able to cut with a lopper.


  • Availability of Replacement Parts: If you make a regular stimulated and polish it again, it can be used for a long time. So it may be necessary to open the blade or change the blade while stimulated. Choose a shear that can be purchased easily by all the parts.


  • Price: There is a lot of hedge shear available in the market among 15-100$. Please buy the best hedge shears according to your needs and preference.

Which hedge shear is best for you?

Any hedge shear according to the above information and features can be the best for you. At first, it has been said that there may be some types of hedge in your garden. For all types of the hedge, the same size hedge shear cannot be used. If your hedges are small then the size of the hedge shear will also be smaller. If hedges are too long and thicker then use large size hedge shear. Use lopper if hedge’s branch is more than 1 inches diameter. Then what are the best garden shears?

1. TABOR TOOLS B640 Hedge Shears for Trimming Borders.

If you have a little or a small hedge in your garden and need regular cutting, then this hedge shear would be your best choice. This TABOR TOOLS B640 is having the best quality hedge shear at a small price. This B640 has been created with all the equipment which is needed to do to trim the hedge. The hedge shear handles have been made with strong steel and reliable power will be available during cutting out hedge by the handle. You will enjoy a pleasant experience during every time of pruning and your hedge shrub will grow very well. Remember; never make a laceration on your beautiful hedge shrub with strong hedge shear.
The shock-absorbing bumpers will stop any type of jarring vibration. Tools have been created in this system to reduce hand and shoulder pain. The tools handle is designed in such a way which will fit well with your hands and it will be easily accessible to people of any age. Overall this tool is a controllable, reliable and powerful tool. This may be the best friend of your garden all the time. TABOR B640’s blade is made of carbon steel that will give you the best performance for any type of trimming. For a long time use, this tool is the best hedge shear. Moreover, the company has confirmed the highest customer service for this tool. Three types of tools have been created with the same type of handle, which is bound to be your best choice.

Our Favorite Features & Specifications:

  • Strong aluminum handles.
  • Extendable telescope handle.
  • Non- Extendable aluminum handle.
  • Non- Extendable still handle.
  • Adjustable blade tension.
  • Sharp blade.
  • Shock-Guard Bumpers.
  • Wavy Blade Design.
  • Strong Light Aluminum Handles.

2. TABOR TOOLS B228A Hedge Shears

The same tool has been created with two different handles. 22-inch handle in M size and 30-inch handle for L size. Purchase this tool if two hedge shears is required with the same feature. Suppose you have a few types of hedge in your garden. But all sizes and types of hedge cannot be cut with the same tools. So if your garden is arranged with a few species of the hedge, then you will need this tool. These B228A tools have been made with high-quality durable components. Which is usually important for professional gardeners. Use these tools commercially and make heavy work easier. The tool is made with the lightweight and sharp blade and after you have used a few days you will define this tool as your favorite tools. Tool handles are made of soft vinyl cushion grips so that any user will feel comfortable with the handle. TABOR TOOLS are usually made with a push-absorbent bumper to stop the vibration. As a result, your work will be more accessible and there will be no problem during work. With medium-size tools, you can do small hedge shearing. And if you wish, it is possible to do this work by seating. Also, see the features of TABOR TOOLS B640 for all the other features of the tools.

Our Favorite Features & Specifications:

  • M size tools 22″.
  • L size tools 30″.
  • Perfect shape & balance.
  • Long lasting sharpness.
  • Delicate work.
  • Perfect for precision cuts.
  • Shock-Guard Bumpers.
  • Sharp Hardened Blade.
  • Aluminum Light Weight Handles.

3. TABOR TOOLS B212 Extendable Hedge Shears

Among the three hedge shear of the same model of TABOR TOOLS, it is one of the good quality hedge shears. This tool is made by combining 25-inch long handle and 8-inch long shear. This hedge trimmer is an ideal tool for shrub shearing. For any size of hedge in your garden, it would be the best trimmer. Because it can be shearing the hedge from the highest level and distances. There is no hedge that cannot be cut with these tools. Since the handle of this tool is extendable, it can be at least 25 inches short and the maximum is 33 inches long. The tool has a sharp and curved blade that allows you to perform tasks accurately and soundlessly. Blades have been made with carbon steel, which can be used to trim any kind of hedge. The hedges will increase healthily for your perfect work. Each user has gained a different experience using TABOR TOOLS. And according to customer reviews, working with this tool is much more enjoyable. Use this tool to get some new experience and joyful work in your gardening experience.

These tools are made with push-bumper like B640 tools. This bumper will stop any jarring vibration while hedge trimming and will not feel any pain on your shoulders. Generally, it is hard for working by arm to carry something upwards. Only the user can be protected from this problem due to this bumper. Besides, the handle of the tool is made of telescopic because it is very lightweight and non-slip handle. This handle will fit well with the hands of any user and can work comfortably. So these tools are said to be the best friends of gardening. Made of blades with high-quality steel and made of the handle with telescopic, all it has a Best garden shears for long use.

Our Favorite Features & Specifications:

  • Strong telescopic handle.
  • Extendable
  • Adjustable blade tension.
  • Shock absorbing bumpers.
  • Wavy Blade Design.

Using Tips of Hedge Shears

  • Always keep the blades of tools sharp; otherwise, there is the possibility of rust.
  • Keep the blades clean regularly. Plant branches contain adhesive material. And these substances damage the blade’s sharpness. And blade color is being changed. So clean the blades after use.
  • Keep Hedge in a safe place.
  • Avoid cutting excess thick or strong branches.
  • Avoid using a period of rainy.
  • Stop using by single hand.
  • Keep hands away from the blades.

Frequently Asked Question & Answer

I have a big banana tree garden. Is it okay to cut banana leaves with hedge shears?

-Generally, we do not recommend the use of hedge shears for such plants. Although banana tree leaves are soft, there is one kind of fluid in hedge and banana leaf that is harmful to steel. So it is better not to use this hedge shears for a banana tree.

What is the reason for making the handle with aluminum?

-Aluminum is lightweight material, so this aluminum handle is made with aluminum and the handle is very smooth. Moreover, aluminum is needed for non-slip handles. This method is adopted in order to ensure users maximum comfortable work.

Can private shearing be done using these tools?

-Yes! These tools are very powerful so you can privet shearing.

If the blade loses its sharpness, it is possible to sharpen again?

-Yes, you can sharp repeatedly.

Final Thought

You should buy any tools or equipment based on the usage level. If your work is heavy, then you should choose strong and heavy duty machines accordingly. There are relatively small tasks has been done by using hedge shears. You can choose the tools according to your hedge size. If you have many species of hedge in your garden, then using gas or electric hedge trimmer and it will be an ideal way for you. We have reviewed the three best tools of the current time in the best hedge shears article. You might not get a better way to speed up your work. One time you will need this hedge shears as your gardening’s most necessary friend. Best of luck.

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