Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower Reviews In a Nutshell

Mowing the lawn is fun to many while it is the name of punishment also.


Well, it depends on the type of lawn mowers. If you use the best corded electric lawn mower, you can have several benefits. And if you are not, then you can experience numerous troubles while the expenses may also go up.

Surely, battling with the engine will make your day bad, which will have some consequent negative impacts.

But the styles and designs of the modern electric lawn mowers will ease the process. Smoothly, you can clear the lawn and also by spending less time.

Reviews of top ten best corded electric lawn mowers

This post solely aims to inform the readers about the best lawn mowers that run with electricity. You can have the necessary information like advantages, disadvantages, and overall features. The information will help you select the right one considering your needs and lawn types.

So, let us start exploring the products now.

Earthwise Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Highlights of the mower

  • Durable body.
  • 42 inches in length.
  • 52 inches in height.

At times, lawn mowing may turn problematic. It happens for the lawn mower. If the mower is old, naturally, you cannot expect a pleasant performance. With time, they start losing their power. So, many of the grasses will remain the same even after the mowing process. But this Earthwise lawn mower is a professional product. It will simplify your job.

The body of this lawn gear comes with a length of 42 inches with a smart, stylish design. It comes with a three-in-one feature. You will get a rear bag, off-side discharge, and mulch plugs at the same time. The steel deck ensures the durability of the product, and it runs with 120 volts. The motor has 3600 RPM, which is another plus for the users.

Balancing is another feature, and the large wheels play an important role here. Since there are no emissions from the device, you can also play a role in preserving the environment.


  • Strong motor.
  • Durable body construction.
  • Ergonomic grip with cushion.
  • Safety blade operation.
  • 9.5 inches rear wheel.
  • Adjustable cutting height.


  • Blades are not that sharp.
  • Less customer support.

Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower 

Highlights of the mower

  • Strong motor.
  • Large cutting deck.
  • Wide wheels.

Cutting grasses is a simple issue if you have the Greenworks lawn mower. This is a special cutting machine with ample power. The most impressive feature is the 13 AMP motor. The strong motor delivers the right amount of force to the blades to cut the grasses smoothly.

Besides, the cutting deck is wide. It comes with a 21-inch deck that covers a moderate space during the grass cutting. Furthermore, the machine is speedy, and you can complete the lawn mowing at an incredibly short time. The device also comes with a three-in-one feature. So, you get multiple options for grass cutting.

Bagging and side discharging will reduce your efforts. You can also clip the grasses in line with the cutting for the triple in one feature. Height adjustment is another advantage, and you can have seven options for adjusting the height. The wheels are 10 inches in the rear while the front wheels are of seven inches.


  • Durable steel deck.
  • Wide front and rear wheels
  • 13 AMP electric motor.
  • Easy height adjustment.
  • Versatile applications.
  • Multiple grass cutting options.


  • No thread in lock handle.
  • Less durable than advertised.


Highlights of the mower

  • Speedy cutting
  • Durable 10 AMP motor
  • Easy operation

The operation of this BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower is simple. You need to press the button, and the machine will do the rest. This is a high-powered lawn mower that efficiently cuts the grasses and saves time. It also needs less engine maintenance that the other lawn mowers need.

The mower comes with a 10 AMP motor. This is durable and sturdy. The lawn gear can also cut different heights of grasses. The deck of the mower is 15 inches. Thus you get ample space to cover at a time. At the same time, this is lightweight and can prevent rusts while cleaning the mower is easy too.

Storing the mower is another advantage. You can fold the handle and store it to any convenient place of your home. The wheels are aligned with the blade, which also ensures smooth movement of the device. If you have a yard over 3000 square feet, this could be the best product to remove the unwanted grasses.


  • High-torque cutting.
  • Cord wrapping system.
  • Comes with all accessories.
  • 15-inch deck.
  • Grass bag.
  • Height adjustment.


  • Grass catching bag does not work fine.
  • Stops during operation.

Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022

Highlights of the mower

  • A couple of height adjustment.
  • Wide wheels for proper balancing.
  • Large deck to cover a wide area at a time.

If you want an environment-friendly lawn mower, this is the right one. It comes with several features with a strong motor of 12 AMP. Besides, you can keep a perfect balance while using the mower. The grass cutting device comes with a 20-inch deck that can cover a moderate area.

Besides, the cutting deck is from stamped steel, which makes it more durable. At times, you need to adjust the cutting height. In this particular lawn mower, you can have that option easily. There are seven positions to adjust the height. Easy folding and the cam lock is the other feature of this lawn mower.

The integrated cord lock is a safety feature. The lock will help to prevent the disconnection of the cord accidentally. While mowing a lawn, you can collect the grasses on a bag that comes with the mower. The side discharge chute will help you to some extent. Mulching capability is another smart feature that you can deploy for your needs.


  • 20-inch cutting deck.
  • Side discharge chute.
  • Rear bagging.
  • 10-inch rear wheels and 7-inch front wheels.
  • 12 AMP motor.
  • Seven height adjustment feature.


  • Less durable.
  • Made with cheap plastic materials.

WORX WG719 13 Amp 20" Electric Lawn Mower

Highlights of the mower

  • Stable wheels
  • Steel deck construction
  • Crafted blade

If you need a lawn mower for effective grass cutting within a reasonable price, you can try this WORX WG719 13 Amp 20" Electric Lawn Mower. This is a great product with a 19-inch cutting deck. The deck is from durable steel that ensures the durability of the product. The front wheel design is standard and can ensure balance while cutting the grasses. 

The handle of the mower is also easy to fold. With a single touch, you can fold it and store to any convenient location. Besides, the lawn mower has the feature to adjust the cutting height. You can adjust the height up to four inches. It weighs only 56 pounds. The warranty of three years is another plus for this product.

Moreover, you will get several other options like mulching or bagging the grasses. The overall performance of the lawn mower is great. The motor comes with 13 AMP. So, you can expect to shave the lawn with ease.


  • Height adjustment.
  • 13 AMP motor.
  • Ease of use.
  • No air pollution.
  • Less noise during operation.
  • Large cutting deck.


  • The start button may malfunction.
  • Wheel alignment needs improvement. 

BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower, Corded

Highlights of the mower

  • 20-inch cutting deck
  • Cutting height adjustment
  • Convenient carrying handle 

If you want a consistent mowing of your lawn every time, there is no alternative than BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower. This grass cutting device can perform in a speedy manner while you can easily adjust the cutting height of the grasses. The design is up to the mark that offers you a perfect balance while the operation.

The cutting deck is wide – 20 inches, and you can easily carry the mower with its comfortable handles. This mower can go through the edges of the flower beds and bring a level in them. With a 13 Ah motor, the device can perform effectively and can diminish the overgrown grasses.

Besides, this is a three-in-one lawn mower. Thus, you are getting some more flexibility while shaving your lawn. There are several mowing modes, and you can select the right one considering your grass types. Maintenance of the mower is also simple, and you need not refill the gas.


  • 13 Ah motor.
  • Multiple cutting modes.
  • Easy balancing.
  • Simple adjustment and storage option.
  • Cutting path is 20-inch in width.
  • Grass collection bag.


  • No warranty support.
  • Motor may burn.

BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower

Highlights of the mower

  • 10 AMP strong motor
  • 15-inches deck
  • Cuts grasses of several sizes

BLACK+DECKER is a leading lawn mower manufacturer, and this is the other one with some varieties. This product comes with a 10 AMP motor for smooth operation. This particular mower is for shorter space because the cutting deck is not so wide. Trying it to a larger lawn may not provide an optimum result. 

The handle style is ergonomic and stylish. It comes with a bike handle for your convenience. The comfortable grip is the other feature that makes it a lovely one. The blades are winged for additional coverage while cutting. You can have over 20 percent of better clipping collection during the mowing process.

It comes with a start button. So, the hassles of pulling a cord to start the mower are no more. There are six height adjustment features, and you can cut grasses from one inch to three inches. The wheels are rugged, which provides better stability and control over the mower.


  • Easy height adjustment.
  • Durable wheels.
  • Simple and ergonomic control.
  • No pulling cord to start the motor.
  • 10 AMP strong motor.
  • Speedy performance.


  • Grass bagging is complex with this device.
  • Suitable for small yards only.

American 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Highlights of the mower

  • Lightweight
  • 11 AMP motor
  • Compact size and shape

This American Lawn Mower provides a clean cut to your lawn grasses. Besides, this is armed with a strong 11 AMP motor. If you have a small lawn in front of your home, you can pick this one without a second thought. Moreover, it runs without any gas or oil. In this way, it saves your fuel cost as well.

The compact size and shape is the other feature of this lawn mower. It comes with an easy starting feature with a push button. The handle is adjustable, which allows you to adjust the height level when cutting grasses. Besides, this is an eco-friendly device with a cutting range of around 2.5 inches of grasses.

A steel cutting blade is another feature that will need low maintenance. The blade is 14 inches in length. Moreover, the warranty of the product is two years. This is another convenient feature for users. It has a two-in-one feature with a 16-gallon grass holding bag.    


  • Consistent performance.
  • 14 inches cutting width.
  • Five positions.
  • Multiple handle height.
  • Slim frame.
  • Easy folding.


  • Cuts too deep.
  • Motor power is insufficient to trim large grasses.

Greenworks 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Highlights of the mower

  • 12 AMP strong motor
  • Four-year warranty
  • Zero carbon emission

Greenworks 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower is an industry standard tool to take care of your lawn. The grass cutting device comes with a warranty for four years. If you are worried about the quality of the grass cutting, you can rely on it perfectly. Besides, the device comes with an extra blade to replace when the former one is blunt.

Maintenance is less required for this lawn mower, and it provides a clear cut every time. Since the product does not use any gas or oil, there is no carbon emission. You can save the environment this way also. The deck is 18 inches in width. So, you can cover a large area at a time while cutting the grasses of your lawn.

The cutting deck is from durable steel, which also ensures the durability of the product. Due to the motor speed, it takes less time to trim the grasses. You can also use the two-in-one feature of the product simultaneously. The side discharge and mulching capacity are really adorable.


  • Strong motor.
  • Two-in-one feature.
  • Height adjustment up to seven position.
  • Seven-inch front wheels.
  • Easy to keep balance.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • Fits various terrains.


  • No bag to collect grasses
  • May stop working suddenly.

Greenworks 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Highlights of the mower

  • 18 inches cutting deck
  • The motor comes with 12 AMP
  • Stable wheels

For a smooth cleanup of your lawn every week, this Greenworks device is the right one. It provides a smart and speedy solution to your overgrown lawn grasses. The handle is ergonomic, and you can hold it with comfort. Moreover, the wheels are durable, and the widths are seven inches for the front ones and eight inches for the rear ones.

Height adjustment while cutting grass is another feature of this device. Folding the handle and storing the device is another plus. This is most suitable for a mid-size lawn as it has an 18-inch cutting deck. Besides, the cutting deck is from steel for additional durability.

The lawn mower can cut grasses up to 3.75 inches. And it comes with a four-year warranty from the manufacturer. Besides, the lawn mower has a two-in-one feature. It can discharge from the side with mulching capabilities.


  • Wide cutting deck.
  • Durable motor.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Easy to handle and fold.
  • Wide wheels.
  • Weighs 45.75 pounds.


  • No visible cons available against this product.

How to Buy Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower? 

This is the second part of the article. You will get some brief ideas about the process of purchasing a corded electric lawn mower

Mind your lawn size

Remember, not all the lawn sizes are the same. And not all the lawn mowers have the capacity to perform in a wide lawn. Therefore, the best idea is to get an idea about the lawn you have and accordingly match the capacity of the lawn mower. Make sure the mower comes with the right capacity to trim your lawn.


On the other part, make sure the blades are from steel. You know, the steel blades are durable and need less maintenance. Besides, you do not need to replace a steel blade in a short time. But the other types of blades are not so effective. Thus, check on this particular issue.

Body construction

When the body of the lawn mower is from steel or other metal, you can expect a long lifespan of your device. But if the body is from cheap plastic, it will surely not perform for a long time. Thus, experts always recommend getting a lawn mower which has a steel body.

Deck width

If you have a smaller lawn, a 10-inch cutting deck is okay. But if the lawn size is larger, you need a wide cutting deck. The wide deck can cover a large area. So, your grass cutting will be effective, and you can complete it in a short time. On the contrary, if you use a shorter deck to mow a large lawn, it will take more time than usual.

Check the wheels

When you trim your lawn, you are pushing the car that relies on wheels. So, if the wheels are not wide and sturdy, you may lose balance. There should be a proper balance between the front and rear wheels. Usually, the front wheels are smaller in size, while the rear ones are larger. Check the ratio of wheel size and their construction materials. Rubber wheels are best suited for this purpose.   

Maintenance matters

Besides, you also should check about the maintenance of the lawn mower. At times, you may need to replace the wheels, blades, or other parts. But if you need to do those frequently, you might have selected a wrong lawn mower. Check the issues prior you get the grass cutting machine.

Handle folding

Folding the handles is another issue to consider. The handles should come with an easy folding feature. If you need to struggle to fold the handles, the results may appear troublesome. And you may also damage the handles, or they may break. But if the handles come with an easy folding feature, you can do that smoothly and store the device to any convenient place.


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Q: What is a grass bag used for?

Q: I have a small lawn. Do I need a large cutting deck?

Last words

So far, I have shared all the necessary information about the best corded electric lawn mower in this review. All the products are special, but they also have minor disadvantages. In fact, nothing in the world is perfect, and we are to adjust to the situations.

Thus, you can select any of the products reviewed above and start mowing your lawn.    

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