Top 10 Best Electric Pole Saw Review and Ultimate Buying Guide In 2020 (With FAQ)

Is your house surrounded by trees? If yes, then it must be a great house to live in. But when these trees spring up different branches and shrubs, things don’t seem much poetic. That is when you need to do some trimming works.

We know, using a chainsaw for this task can be impractical. You don’t use a giant saw and climb a ladder to use it. A pole saw, in this case, can make a difference. Using the length and the smaller chainsaw at the top, you can easily trim off any useless shrubs you want.

You can go for different types of pole saws from cordless, electric, gas-run, manual, etc. Using an electric one can ease up your task instantly. These are light, electric-run, and very efficient pole saws that will make your trimming task easy as a pie!

Here in this write-up, we have jotted down the list of top 10 best electric pole saw models for you. You can use any of these without a bit of worry. We have picked the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Electric Pole Saw as our best choice for its powerful motor and stunning design.

Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews

Getting an electric pole saw can be a difficult task. It’s not manual, it requires electricity to work, and it can come with a cord. That’s a lot of specs to consider before buying a pole saw. It’s very typical to get confused about which one to buy, especially when there are hundreds of models being sold online and offline. Well, worry, not! We have finally reviewed the top 10 best electric pole saws just for you.

Can’t wait for it? Here we go then!

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Corded Electric Pole Saw

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful 8-Amp motor
  • Two adjustable cutting heads
  • A 30-degree angle cutting facility
  • Protective blades for preventing accidents
  • Up to 15 feet reach

The Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Corded Electric Pole Saw takes trimming of branches to a surprisingly easy level. When fully extended, the pole saw reaches an impressive 15 feet height – enough to cut and trim shrubs at the highest levels.

It has a 10-inch Oregon bar and a chain that makes the cutting process faster and smoother. Two versatile cutting heads can tilt around at a 30-degree angle to provide maximum trimming perfection. Both heads are placed side by side, which makes the process even smoother.

The 8 amp motor offers a brilliant mechanic performance from the pole saw.  Oiling the machine is not something to worry about as the machine can be oiled automatically. This lubricating process is transparent so that you can check the level of oil left and can refill if necessary.  

You get a great cord-retention option to avoid tangling of the cord and make sure your cords don’t slip off. An automatic tensioner adjustment is there for you to adjust the chains according to your needs. You don’t need any tools for the adjustments.

To get a good grip on the handles, the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Corded Electric Pole Saw is covered with rubber. This way, it gets a lot easier to cut harder branches on a higher distance.


  • Very easy to grip and cut.
  • It can reach very high branches.
  • Easy to adjust the chains.
  • Five cutting angle choices with a button-push.
  • Automatic oiling system.


  • Not suitable for long-time cutting works.

Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw

Highlighted Features

  • Telescopic bar with an extension of 9.4 feet.
  • Multiposition cutting head.
  • Powerful 6.5 Amp motor for better cutting experience.
  • CSA approved product.
  • Reach out the capacity of 15 feet.

Sun Joe SWJ802E Electric Pole Chain Saw is our second choice in the list. It has made its way with two unique features – lightweight and powerful motor. Its 6.5 Amp motor lets you handle your trimming job at your yard, one of the easiest jobs of yours.

It features a telescopic bar which can be shortened and extended as necessary. With its fullest extent, the bar can open up to around 10 feet, allowing you to reach about 15 feet over your head.

You can tilt and position the cutting head to three different angles – 0-degree, 15-degree, and 30-degree. Put your cutting head to a position you feel comfortable and cut down those stubborn shrubs and branches in seconds! It’s a perfect fit for cutting overhanging limbs.

With an 8-inch Oregon chain bar and a sharp blade, the powerful motor can make its way through as thick as 7.5-inch branches. The machine can lubricate itself automatically - a sigh of relief for lazy people out there. A 2 fluid ounce oil tank is there for the lubricant storage.

The Sun Joe SWJ802E Electric Pole Chain Saw is a CSA approved product, and it comes with a 2-year warranty. On less reason for not trying it out!


  • Very suitable for overhanging shrubs.
  • The cutting head can be moved at three different angles.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • An 8-inch sharp blade can cut 7.5 inch thick limbs.
  • Easy to handle and carry.


  • The oil tanker is subject to leakage in the case of over-filling.

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw

Highlighted Features

  • Telescopic bar with 8.7 feet extension.
  • Reach up to 15 feet high.
  • Low sound level.
  • Effortless chain tensioning.
  • Cuts through limbs of 7.5 inches thick.

Our third pick is also from Sun Joe. The Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Electric Pole Saw is one of the best performers for regular use.

The Sun Joe SWJ800E comes with a powerful 6.5-Amp motor that accelerates the success rate of trimming branches. Its 8-Inch cutting bar, along with a sharp blade, can create magic powered by the heavy performing motor. If you are worried about thick and stubborn branches, then the Sun Joe SWJ800E can prove to be the best solution for you.

It features a very useful telescopic bar that can be extended up to 8.7 feet. When used outside to trim, this bar can provide you with a reach of around 15 feet supported by the full extension of it. Forget about not being able to reach higher branches. Sun Joe SWJ800E is here for help!

Using the machine on a regular basis requires it to be lubricated every now and then. The automatic lubrication process of the Sun Joe SWJ800E takes this worry into its own hand. It has a 2.7 fluid ounce oil tank to keep enough lubricant for daily support.

The machine makes very little sound compared to its peers. With a sound level of 108 dB, you can even consider taking your ear-gears off while trimming.


  • Allows higher reach while trimming.
  • Perfect for overhanging limbs.
  • Safety switch to prevent automatic start.
  • Plastic cover for blade protection.
  • Ergonomic handle and foam grip for better handling.


  • Cutting head multi-angling is not possible.

Remington RM1025P Ranger 8-Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw

Highlighted Features 

  • Duel functionality of handy chain saw, and pole saw.
  • The telescopic bar can be extended up to 10 feet.
  • 8-Amp powerful battery.
  • Anti-rotation pole for better stability.
  • Push-button organizer for lubrication.

So number four on our list is Remington RM1025P Ranger Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw. This awesome pole saw is a 2-in-1 game changer. You can easily convert it into a pole saw and a handy chain saw whenever you need it! Just detach the cutting head of the pole saw from the pole, and there you go – a great working chain saw is ready!

Its telescopic bar can be very useful. Extend it as you need it up to 10 feet in height. Plus, you can lock the extension according to your comfort for better handling. With an extension to its highest, the pole saw can allow you to reach a height of around 10 to 15 feet easily.

It features a mighty 8-Amp motor that can move the 10-inches bar and chain instantly. This powerful motor can easily rule the small and medium trimming task section.

The machine can be lubricated by oil supported by an oiler. Just push the easy-squeeze bulb to provide the right amount of lubricant it needs.

A non-slip grip on the handle makes sure your hand doesn’t slip off while working on high branches. It has an anti-rotation pole for the well-stabilization of the saw.


  • Easy to reach higher levels of branches.
  • Easy to cut hard to reach shrubs.
  • Stable grip.
  • Controlled lubrication.
  • It can easily be used as a full-functioning chain saw.


  • Chain oil can leak when the machine is not in use.

CRAFTSMAN V20 Pole Saw, 14-Foot

Highlighted Features

  • Extendable pole with a capacity to extend up to 14 feet.
  • Includes a battery and charger.
  • Features branch hook for removing cuts.
  • Angling of cutting head.
  • 8-inch chain and bar.

The Craftsman V20 Pole Saw is a heavy performer when it comes to cutting high branches of trees. It has an extendable pole that can extend up to 14 feet at its maximum extension. It will make it easy to get rid of those stubborn and high shrubs that have been bothering your yard for days.

You can bend the cutting head, and the blade of the Craftsman V20 Pole Saw. If you need a better look when you are cutting branches over your head, then this is the feature you need your pole saw to have. It will also make yourself comfortable when trimming branches that are not very easy to reach.

It has a special branch hook attached right beneath the cutting head. It pulls out branches that are cut down and save your lawn from getting messy.

The grip is absolutely brilliantly prepared. It is soft and comfortable. When the pole is extended, this soft and easy-grip will provide the maximum comfort to your hands.  

This Craftsman V20 Pole Saw model comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. When the electricity runs out, the battery makes sure that you can carry on your job with no interruption.


  • Comfortably reach higher branches.
  • Easy to cut 6-inch thick branch.
  • Hard-to-reach places can be reached with an angled cutting head.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Back-up battery for extended use.


  • No self-lubrication system.

Greenworks 8.5-Inch 6.5 Amp Corded Pole Saw

Highlighted Features

  • 6.5-Amp powerful motor.
  • Easy tensioning adjustment.
  • 3-part aluminum shaft.
  • Automatic oiler.

The GreenWorks 20192 model has a 6.5-Amp electric motor installed inside that keeps the 8-inch bar and chain in continuous motion. With an easy tensioning system, you can easily change and adjust the chains as per your requirement.

It has an automatic self-lubricating option so that you don’t need to lubricate the machine every time you go out with it.

The pole bar can extend up to 8 feet long. The length can easily allow smooth trimming of medium-sized tree branches.


  • Easy to work with for reaching hard to reach areas.
  • Self-lubrication ensures a longer lifetime.
  • Easy to tighten and adjust the chain.


  • Some users complained about oil-leakage from the saw.

WORX WG321 20V PowerShare Cordless Electric Chainsaw with Extension Pole

Highlighted Features

  • Extendable pole up to 12 feet.
  • Jaw-saw for better stability.
  • Auto-tensioning system.
  • Guard cover for blades.

The Worx WG321 Electric Chainsaw is a special one on our list. You can easily distinguish it from other pole saws just by its look. It comes with a brilliantly designed jaw-saw at the top of the bar.

Having a jaw-saw at the top brings a lot of benefits. You can hold the entire pile of the branch while cutting to prevent the blade from trembling. Get a smooth trim right away!

Its pole can be extended up to 12 feet, which gives a pretty good reach on higher branches of the tree. Don’t worry about the tension system. The Worx WG321 comes with an automatic tensioner to adjust the chain as per requirement.

Automatic lubricating helps the machine to run smoothly and effectively. However, you need to keep an eye on the oil reservoir to check whether you need to refill it or not.

This 12-pound pole saw feels very lightweight when in use and puts very little pressure on your hands and shoulders.

The chains are covered with a chain guard to ensure better safety. This can save your hands from accidents even when the pole saw is not in use.


  • Easy to use for a higher cut.
  • Auto lubrication method.
  • Easy to adjust chains.
  • Very safe to use.


  • Gets off balance at full extension.

Sun Joe SWJ805E 6 Amp 2-in-1 Convertible Electric Telescoping Pole Chain Saw

Highlighted Features

  • Dual-purpose pole saw
  • Comes with a 6-Amp powerful motor
  • Cuts through 7.50-inch thick branch
  • Automatic lubrication

Okay! So another Sun Joe Electric Pole Saw on our list! The Sun Joe SWJ805E is a dual purpose pole saw. Within seconds you can detach the cutting head from the pole and convert it into a lightweight handheld chainsaw.

It is powered by a powerful 6-Amp motor that moves the 8-inch Sun joe chain in an uninterrupted fashion. Its sharp blade can cut through limbs as thick as 7.5 inches. The machine is ideal for overhanging limbs, thin logs, low branches, and clearing brush.

The machine features an automatic lubrication system for easy lubrication without any need for extra care.


  • Easy to use for thin logs.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Serves both purposes of pole saw and chainsaw.
  • Easy to reach as high as 15 feet.


  • No multiple angle option.

Earthwise PS44008 6.5-Amp 8-Inch Corded Electric Pole Saw

Highlighted Features

  • The telescopic pole can extend up to 9.5 feet
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Rubber grip
  • 30-degree bending

Earthwise provides some of the best pole-saws and chainsaws in the market. The Earthwise PS44008 6.5-Amp 8-Inch Corded Electric Pole Saw comes with a great pole extension up to 15 feet. Easy to reach and cut higher branches.

The 30-degree 2-cutting head allows optimum bending for you to reach hard to reach parts and branches. Together with an 8-inch bar, this flexible pole bar can provide maximum cutting experience.

You can get an automatic oiling system and a tool-free tensioner adjustment for the best and smooths trimming session.


  • Easy to reach higher parts of the trees.
  • Very easy grip for handling.
  • Easy to reach furthest parts.


  • Can have a balancing problem with full extension.

WEN 4021 8-Inch 6.5A Electric Telescoping Pole Saw

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful 6.5-Amp motor.
  • Tool-free chain adjustment.
  • Adjustable center handle.

Last, but not least, we have on our list the WEN 4021 Electric Pole Saw. It has a telescopic pole that can be stretched up to 9.5 feet. This can easily help you reach up to 13.5 feet from the ground.

A powerful 6.5-Amp motor can rotate the chain up to 2165 feet per minute. Besides, you get a tool-free chain adjustment for smooth adjustment of chains.

The WEN 4021 is very lightweight, and you can easily carry and hold it without feeling any pressure. It comes with a tool-free chain adjustment for better and smooth adjustment.

To carry it easily, the WEN 4021 model has a shoulder strap with it. Attach it with the pole and rest it on your shoulder – never lose the balance!


  • Very lightweight.
  • Easy-carry machine.
  • Allows to reach high branches.


  • The cutting head can’t be positioned at different angles.

Best Electric Pole Saw Buying Guide

Now that we have finished reviewing the top 10 best electric pole saws, it’s time that we discussed on what to consider when buying an electric pole saw. When it comes to electric gadgets, it’s not that easy to find the best product, especially if bought online. Keep the following tips in mind to find out the best electric pole saw without any hassle!

Power is the key!

Unless you are planning to trim and cut a few branches here and there, you should choose an electric pole saw that has a powerful motor inside. Take the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Electric Pole Saw, for example. It has a powerful 8-Amp motor that turns the chain at a great speed for the best cutting experience.

Check the auto-lubrication

Most electric pole-saw comes with an auto-lubrication system. That definitely should be on your list. In addition, make sure you can read the check of the oil tanker – a feature of Worx WG321 Electric Chainsaw that we admired. You will never fall short of lubrication for your machine.

Look for easy adjustment of tension

Adjusting the chain is absolutely important for machines like pole-saw and chainsaw. There are lots of pole-saws that has an easy chain adjustment system like Sun Joe SWJ800E Electric Pole Saw. The smoother and faster you can adjust the chain, the better result you can bring out!

Finally, Height does matter

Yes. If you can reach higher, you can get a cleaner yard or garden instantly. While buying a pole-saw, always look for the poles that can be extended to the maximum height. Take the Remington RM1025P Ranger Electric 2-in-1 Pole Saw, for example. Its extendable pole can reach up to 15 feet above the ground with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it worth it if I buy a 2-In-1 Pole Saw?

Answer: Yes, it is. If you can get the perfectly powered motor and a long extension of the pole, then a 2-In-1 pole-saw is definitely a good deal. You won’t always keep trimming from the upper parts of the garden, will you?

2) Does an electric pole-saw make a lot of noise? 

Answer: Yes. Generally, every electric pole-saw has a hard-working motor in it. But you can choose from a few limited models that can make a little bit lesser noise than other peer models.

3) Can electric-pole saw has rechargeable batteries? 

Answer: Typically, no electric pole-saw has comes with a back-up battery, except for a few models.  These batteries are used to support a few more minutes when the electricity is cut off.

Final Words

Finding the best electric pole saw is difficult. It takes a lot of technical knowledge, practical know-how, and on-hand using experiences. With all these conditions to be met, it’s not easy for every regular household owner to find the best working pole saw for his trimming job. We took our time out to shortlist the 10 best electric pole saws and reviewed each one of that list for you.

Did you like our reviews? Have you decided to buy one of the models we discussed here? If yes, then do let us know which one you chose. We will be immensely glad to hear from you!

Happy trimming in the woods!

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