Top 10 Best Electric Tiller for Tractor | Complete Buyer Guide & Review

If you are still spending hours to break soil using spade and fork to prepare your lawn for planting, it’s high time you should know about electric tiller. No more struggling with the traditional process of swallowing soil with shovels. Bless your garden with these modern innovations. I am sure when you will learn about its beneficial sides, you will appreciate it. While planting season is around, you should have this tool that can make your gardening life delighted.

Remember that, a proper tiller can make this happen that you are waiting for. This tool is something that actually worth every penny. Not only that, it will make your task easier and quicker 10x more than before. It has taken place of the shovel in thousands of gardens. So, you will find the market flooded with many types of the electric tiller. Though it’s nice to get lots of choices, but all of them will not provide you the best experience. 

Simply put, a good tiller is often powerful but quiet and simple. 

How can you get the best tiller? Kick out the shopping hassle by reading our reviews about 10 best electric tillers to fascinate your garden.

Why You Should Consider an Electric Tiller?

Electric tiller means electric cultivators that used electricity to run and does not require any gas or batteries. Dealing with gas and oil is difficult while gas makes fumes that are harmful to the environment. Usually, they make loud sounds and disturb others. Besides, if you use an electric tiller, you will be able to experience a silent operation.

Additionally, they are easy to start and can perform their job effortlessly in a short period. However, for heavy-duty in the big sized garden, a gas-powered tiller is a clear winner but for a small or medium-sized garden, an electric tiller is recommended. 

Top 10 Best Electric Tiller

To have a great experience out electric tiller, try 10 models for a faster and memorable tilling in your garden or yard.

Gardening with slim and shiny Earthwise TC70016 is now easier and quicker to get a perfect backyard garden. The beneficial features that it has are 6 robust adjustable tines. Amazingly, this feature will allow you to change the width of the tilling from 11-16 inches and a depth of 8-inch. So, this landscaping toll is excellent for composting, weeding and preparing the soil.

The double four steel blades that it consists have a convenient cutting sharpness making it an excellent choice in preparing your garden. The ergonomic handle of this machine will provide you comfortable and strong handling as well at an angle.

This smooth startup machine is easy to assemble and requires very little maintenance over its lifetime. Buy and start working as this product comes with everything you need to prepare. Just press the power button and get ready to receive a super result from your work, with the help of a powerful 8.5 Amp motor. Besides, it’s an electric and lightweight machine. So, it needs no spark plugs, oil, or gas and very simple to use.


  • Great tool for working in small areas.
  • It comes with a powerful motor system.
  • This tiller has a width of the tilling from 11-16 inches and a depth of 8-inch.
  • The ergonomic grip handle is strong and comfortable.


  • It requires some assembly.
  • The start-button is situated in an odd position.
  • Manufacturer instructions are not clear.

Why We Pick Earthwise TC70016?

For maximum durability and improved performances, Earthwise TC70016 comes with a unique design that can perform its work perfectly even in areas close to the fences or walls.

Sun Joe TJ603E is a reflection of elegance to make you outdoors look fulfilled while offering you high performances. Though it is small, it comes with a 12 amp motor which makes the machine powerful enough to get through dirt and get in. Without any bells and whistles of gas or battery-powered, this tiller is a combination of a great backyard tiller and cultivator. 

This tiller has the capability for tilling up to 8 inches depth and 16 inches cutting width. This machine guarantees a prepared garden within a short period with fewer efforts. Due to its 6 Steel angled tines, this machine can work effectively with long-time durability. What we liked about this electric tiller was the 3-position wheel adjustment that it had. Therefore, you will get a convenient movement during running the tiller.

Besides, know that this machine is not easy to use, lightweight and also convenient to store. A gardener knows how much it really hurts to work with a rough handle during tiller use. The after-effects work for a long time. However, if you have Sun Joe tiller in your garden, you will get a comfortable ergonomic handle with soft grips which will surely make your handling experience awesome.


  • Powered by 12 amp motor
  • The tiller provides a 3-position wheel adjustment.
  • Ergonomic comfortable handle is provided.
  • This tiller can tile up to 8 inches deep and it has 16 inches cutting width.


  • The maximum extension cord of this tiller is 100ft.
  • The trigger is not big.

Why We Pick Sun Joe TJ603E?

Sun Joe TJ603E model is something that you will do exactly what you want for your garden. It comes with everything that meets all the needs of a reliable and effective electric tiller.

We all know how much the soil needs water and nutrients to reach the root of plants. To do that, you need a powerful transmission machine and BLACK+DECKER LGC120 is one of them. Weather to till yard in your backyard garden or small cultivating field, this tiller will work great for you to prepare the soil and breaking up soil.

This tiller will do what you want to do with it with maximum support. However, even for landscaping jobs, it will serve great. You can also utilize them for weeding without tangling with its Counter-oscillating tines. If you are a person like me, who hate to surround yourself from the loud and bad smoking environment, then out your hand to this tiller.

It is completely gas-free and not loud. This battery-powered cultivator works quietly and quickly to break up hard compacted soil to reach deeper. Battery dying on you, when you are dealing with tools, is enough to ruin a working day. Fortunately, this Powered by 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery tiller will give you backup up to that will allow the machine to till up to 325 square feet of a yard per full charge. 


  • Powered by 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery.
  • It can till up to 325 square feet of a yard per full charge.
  • This tiller can weed without tangling.
  • Gas-free and not loud.


  • This tiller is not ideal for heavy-duty.
  • It doesn’t work great for dense grass.


BLACK+DECKER LGC120 is known for its power tools and gardening appliances. Tools from them always come with power and durability even at an affordable price, which makes them ideal for handling any jobs. 

You might struggle using some tiller to till through hard soil but luckily you don’t have to face that again with GreenWorks 27072. It is an easy to assembly machine with 8.25 inches rotating steel blades for maximum performance and dipper tilling depths.

It arranges an adjustable cultivation width from 8.25 inches minimum to 10 inches maximum. You can easily start it with just a push-button and leave the rest to the powerful 8 Amp Motor for reliable outcomes. You can handle it easily as well as store it for its foldable handles.

You can also adjust the tiller for different depths and widths depending on your type of soil. Ensuring that your lawn is well cultivated it provides adjustable tilling depth up to 5 inches. It offers proper depth digging performances making it capable of cutting down into tough soil.


  • Tilling width from 8.25 inches minimum to 10 inches maximum.
  • This tiller receives energy from a powerful 8 Amp motor.
  • It has adjustable tilling depth up to 5 inches.


  • The manufacturer’s manual is not clear.

Why We Pick GreenWorks 27072?

How does it come first from the crowd? For its high performances with its corded power backed up to 120 minutes and 6 inches adjustable height wheels. 

To a gardener, what is more, amazing than watching healthy plants in the garden? But we all know what it requires, enough water and air into the roots right? Well if you own a small and beautiful garden in your backyard, Sun Joe TJ599E is exactly what you need.

This small and stunning tiller covers a small portion of your garden and also easy to store. However, you may think that this cultivator is not powerful enough but know that the 2. 5-Amp motor that it includes can till up to 6. 3 inches wide and 6 inches deep. So, it works excellent for making seed or flower beds and landscaping.

A gardener knows how much it is hard to work with heavy tools. It reduces the working energy of gardeners. This lightweight machine will get you rid of these situations. This recommended for small yard tiller comes with durable steel tilling blades for improved performances and effective cutting. As for handling, it arranges a comfortable ergonomic handle with adjustable telescoping shaft for fine grips.


  • Comfortable grips for fatigue-free handling.
  • You can hope an accurate tilling every time you will start the machine.
  • It can till up to 6. 3 inches wide and 6 inches deep.
  • The tiller comes with 2. 5-Amp motor.


  • Some assembly required.
  • Not ideal for heavy works.

Why We Pick Sun Joe TJ5999E?

This small tiller is small but powerful enough to dig deep to prepare the small garden for planting. It is also offering adequate performances with comfortable grips.

If you are thinking that this 21 pounds tiller is not strong then you are wrong. It is as powerful as a gas-powered machine and able to break any hard and compact size in areas that have never been touched. 

You don’t have to worry about the loud disturbing sound that disturbs you and your neighbors as well with this Mantis tiller. It works quietly and smoothly over the soil and gives the best results with its 540-watt motor. Besides, it is giving you options of 3-speed settings that will allow you to till areas as your preferences or as the soil requires.

Due to its tilling capability of digging 10 inches deeper, it proves itself as a perfect cultivator in any garden either small or medium-sized. It also performs well to shallow cultivate the top 2 to 3 inches of soil that can reduce your garden preparing time.

However, even in tight spaces this 9 inches compact tiller offers maneuver movement around the yard that a big tiller doesn’t. This unique and curvy tiller is designed for an instant start-up with easy storage settings. For handling it provides a relaxed grip for fatigue-free operation.


  • Charged by a powerful motor with 540-watt.
  • Works great even in tighter space.
  • It can dig up to 10 inches deeper.
  • This tiller offers 3-speed settings.


  • Not suited for a large yard.
  • This corded tiller Depends on the length of cords to move around.

Why We Pick Mantis 7250-00-03?

A key to success that Mantis consists of is a solid worm gear transmission set with cast aluminum housing. It is capable to spin the tines up to 240 RPM for power and efficiency digging. 

7.    Troy-Bilt TB154E 6 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator

This machine, packed with a powerful 6.5-amp motor is arranged to handle the dirty environment of the yard. You can call it a high-performing machine with 4 forward-rotating 8-inch steel tines with 8 total blades. This 3-Way tines can be adjusted for a tilling width between 6 to 9-inches to dig.

For ease of use, it comes with a soft and relaxed grip and for easy movement, it provides 4-Forward-Rotating Tines which is ideal for cultivating soil up to 5-inches deep. Bad fumes out of gas and noise during tilling can give you a tough time unless you bring Troy-Bilt TB154E in your garden.

Moreover, it requires very little maintenance and it’s easy to use as well. Simply by pressing a button, you can start working with ease and store them easily after completing the task. Thinking of tight space around the garden? No worries, this tiller will show its magic even tighter area by digging the soil of the corner side. The 8-inch steel tines that it consists of are designed to dig, tear, and turn soil for maximum outcomes. 


  • This machine comes with 4 forward-rotating 8-inch steel tines with 8 total blades.
  • It is ideal for cultivating soil up to 5-inches deep.
  • Tilling width between 6 to 9-inches to dig.
  • This tiller offers 3-speed settings.


  • You have to depend on electricity availability to start.
  • The tiller is corded.

Why We Pick Troy-Bilt TB154E?

Simply put, this tiller is a combination of power and operation. It offers all the beneficial features that a tiller needs to prepare a perfect bed for your plants.

This multi-functional tiller is small but gets super strength to cultivate all your soil in your small garden. It gets power from its 2. 5-Amp motor that can cultivate up to 6. 3 inches wide and 6 inches deep.

Another aspect that makes this machine powerful is its steel tilling blades which are durable and strong enough to cut through hard soil. This impressive tiller comes in a slim and sleek design that is lightweight and easy to carry. So, you will get the freedom of moving with it in a variety of spaces and landscapes. It will do its work even in the trickiest situation that is hard to reach.

The benefits of choosing small tiller mean no more having a hard time to store your tool and easy to maintain. This tiller has an ergonomic carrying handle with an adjustable telescoping shaft at the rear side that will help you to hold the device with ease. 


  • It gets power from its 2. 5-Amp motor.
  • Works great even in congested areas.
  • This tiller has an ergonomic carrying handle with an adjustable telescoping shaft.
  • This tiller is easy to use and store.


  • Not ideal from heavy-duty.

Why We Pick Sun Joe TJ599E?

This is a tiller that will provide you all the features that can make your job done effectively while giving you the ease of movement and affordability.

Tilling the soil of the garden is something you cannot avoid. An efficient digging with ease movement and easy handling is exactly what every gardener wants. Know that AAVIX AGT307 will prove you all of them yet at an affordable price. It’s a great deal to consider this electric tiller, right? I think you will agree with me if you compare this cultivator with others.

It is more environment-friendly and can cultivate areas to 8.7″ depth and 12.6″ in width within a very short period. So, it has more options to work based on the field. It runs with the help of Powerful 10 Amp Reliable motor which enables the tiller to break hard soil and tough weeds with ease. 

This uniquely designed tiller allows the machine to shut down when the handle is released. The 8 inches tines that it has, move quickly to bust through the hardest soil. It works perfectly and faces no difficulties to work in any area. The handle is provided is strong and the wheels can be adjusted. You can raise it up or pull it down. 


  • It can cultivate areas to 8.7″ depth and 12.6″ in width within a very short period.
  • The tiller has 8 inches tine that can dig dipper.
  • Works great even in smaller areas.
  • This tiller is easy to use and store.


  • Not easy to assembly.
  • Can be stuck sometimes.
  • The cord needs to be seen.

Why We Pick AAVIX AGT307?

This tiller is designed for the small and medium-sized yard which is ideal for preparing new beds with efficiency within a few seconds. Overall you can call it to tiller that worth money.

10.    Greenworks 10-Inch 8 Amp Corded Cultivator 27012

This tiller is overloaded with features and charged with powerful 8 Amp Motor making it excellent for any yard surfaces. the amp may seem less but this powerful beast with onward rotating steel blades can do much more than you expect.

Its specifications come with an adjustable tilling width of 8.25 inches to 10 inches for quick tiling. It also includes an adjustable tilling depth up to 5 inches for the right planting depth and Adjustable tilling means more control over machine to operate it easily. While moving tiller, you will get the help of wheels under the machine to more around. It represents an excellent value of money that can handle some of the toughest landscaping jobs.

Greenworks understand the tough time of holding hard and rough handle during work. So, they have taken this into consideration and crafted the handle with an ergonomic grip for comfortable holding. The handle is also foldable for easy storage. This lightweight machine is easy to carry and designed for easy operation.


  • Tilling width of 8.25 inches to 10 inches.
  • The handle comes with a comfortable grip.
  • 8 amp motor gives enough power to break tough soil.
  • This tiller is lightweight and easy to store.


  • No adjusting wheel.

Why We Pick Greenworks 10-Inch 8 Amp Corded Cultivator 27012?

Its adjustable width and depth can dig deeper into any space with its beneficial features and powerful motor.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Tiller

Before buying a power tool, it’s very important to look up to some features but all of them don’t work best in the field. So, it’s an essential part to figure out what to consider before buying. Or else, you will end up buying a wrong electric tiller. Without further ado, let's check them.

Corded or cordless? Electric or battery-powered or gas-powered?

As you can see above that we talked here about both types of tiller, corded and cordless and also Electric or battery-powered or gas-powered tiller. Often corded tiller comes with electrical settings, whereas, the battery or gas-powered tiller comes without cord. If you want to use the electric tiller and save the environment from gas and your pocket for spending money to buy a battery, you can go for the electric one.

All you have to do is just keep yourself careful from the cord while operating. Besides, you can extend it by attaching more wire with mechanical help. However, if your place doesn't have enough electricity accessibility, choosing battery powered or gas powered tiller is the best option. Just push the start button and start tilling, no cord, no plugin, easy to go.


Different models consist of a different number of tines- two, four, or six tines. It provides a thorough aeration of soil without tangled weeds. It can cultivate up to 7 inches.

Tilling depth and width

More tilling depth means getting enough support to dig dipper. Large tilling width means covering a bigger space in lesser time. So, before buying a tiller, you should consider this aspect.


If the tiller you want to buy consists of wheels, you will be able to move it easily around the yard. So, in the case of using a tiller wheel is important.

Rotational Speed

A blade spinning in 180 RPMs to 200 RPMs can work great to cultivate a garden thoroughly. Know that Rotational speed is measured in RPMs.


If you call the motor life of power tools, probably, you will not be wrong. Before considering a model to buy a tiller pay attention to the power of the motor. The more amperage the motor is, the more powerful it is. If your selected tiller is low powered, it may disappoint you as digging soil requires enough strength.


Once you have decided the power, figure out the material that is used for blades for the best experience. Remember that strong blades mean efficient cutting through the soil and weeds. It will break tough soil effortlessly in a short time.

Ease of Use

Operating a lightweight tiller for a long period is like a breeze. Even to a large yard, you can use effortlessly do your job. So, for convenience use, look for a tiller that has wheels and comfortable handle.


What are tines in a tiller?

How much an electric tiller needs maintenance?

How to use an electric tiller?

Final Words

Over the years, an electric tiller proves themselves as a perfect replacement for the loud and pollutant gas-powered tillers. Whether you are a beginner or professional it will serve you with your full satisfaction while being Eco-friendly. So, what are you waiting for? It’s your turn now to upgrade your garden, choose one from this list of 10 best electric tillers and buy them to get an excellent result.

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