Top Five Best Lawn Mower For Hills In 2020 | Review & Buying Guide

Hills are the part of nature but they look ridiculous when the grasses are overgrown.


Yes, you may be surprised. Trimming the lawns in front of your yard is fine but what about the hills? Well, when the hill grasses are flat, they bring a majestic look. So, you need the best lawn mower for hills.

Without the right type of mower, you cannot have the optimum result. You may have some lawn mowers at a reduced price but can they make the grasses flat? The answer is a big ‘NO.’

What you need is as perfect lawn mower for hills.

In this post, I have reviewed five of such lawn mowers. They are up to the mark and arrive with all the necessary features and advantages. So, let us jump into the exploration of the mowers.

The lawn mowers we love to check

Special features 

  • Medium-sized
  • Wide grass cutting deck
  • Durable

If you are looking for a lawn mower that can provide a wide coverage while trimming grasses, this is the right one. The deck of this mower is 30 inches. So, it can cover a wide area while cutting. Besides, there are some other benefits as well like easy storing, powerful engine, running on different types of terrain, among others.

Besides, the size of the mower is medium which is ideal to cover a moderate range. There are five cutting height adjustment features with a fuel tank capacity of 1.3 gallons. The blades engage faster than other types of lawn mowers. You can also adjust the seat as well. The steering comes with a 13-inch diameter. And the steering is comfortable as well for the soft gripping.

Durability is another feature of this product. It comes with a two-year warranty while the most other mowers have no or less warranty period. Easy navigation is another feature that makes driving across the terrains easier.


  • Durable service.
  • Stout wheels.
  • Seat adjustment.
  • Cutting height adjustment.
  • 18-inch turning radius.
  • Auto Choke OHV engine.


  • Metal parts may break.
  • Assembly is a bit complex.

Special features 

  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Heavy-duty generator.
  • Led headlights.

This Raven MPV7100 Hybrid Riding Lawnmower is an exception in different terms. The technology that makes this lawn mower is wonderful. Besides, the outlook of the tractor is great – it comes with the shape of an ATV. The sounds that it makes during the operation is also moderate and does not create any annoyance.

The grass cutting capacity of the product is standard. It has a 12.5 HP engine to run across various types of terrains. Less fuel consumption is the other feature to love the mower. It also has a generator under the operator’s seat. The generator can provide power worth 7000 Watts. The addition of the LED headlights will allow you to work even in low light or in cases of lower visibility.   

The mower comes with a 46-inch deck to cover an ample area during the operation. Besides, the three-year warranty is another feature that makes it prominent. Automotive style accelerator and brake pedal also help to ensure smooth movement.


  • Great cutting ability  
  • 46-inch cutting deck.
  • 17 MPH maximum speed.
  • Drives like a normal car.
  • 4-cylinder engine.
  • Twin PTO engagement blades.


  • Blade bolt may break.
  • Unavailable parts.

Special features 

  • Zero degree turning radius
  • Hydraulic wheel
  • Comfortable steering

When you need a reliable lawn mower for hills, this Husqvarna MZ61 could be your first choice. It comes with a 61-inch deck which is larger than the most other mowers. Moreover, it has a zero-degree turning radius. So, it takes less space to move around. Besides, the hydraulic wheels are the other additions.

Navigation with the mower is simple too. The steering is comfortable and it has an isolator to provide comfort to the rider. The rubber will separate the operator from the frame which will result in less fatigue. Ergonomic design makes it easier to adjust the other settings when you are on the go.

At the same time, there is an hour meter. It will remind you when you need to go for a servicing with your mower. The 9 Bushel collection system is the other feature that will hold all the grasses. It makes cleaning the garbage easier.


  • Easy maintenance.
  • 60 inches cutting deck.
  • Simple adjustment.
  • Triple bag collection system for grasses.
  • Removable foot pan.
  • Pedal assistive cutting deck.


  • Lack of quality control.
  • Less customer support.

Special Features 

  • Zero-turn radius
  • Weighs 7.25 pounds
  • Self-propelling

Mowox MNA152613 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower has an instart technology. With the push button, the starting of the mower is almost effortless. If you are looking for a high-performance, it could be your right tool to cut the grasses. With the 360- degree turning feature, you can turn it easily and have the precision cut.

This Mowox product has a 163cc engine. Therefore, it delivers the optimum cutting power than similar other mowers. Also, you have six stage cutting. If you need to set any certain height level of your garden grasses, you can apply the settings.

On the other part, battery charging is another plus with this mower. It has a portable battery that also comes with easy attachment and removal feature. The rear wheels are larger than average which ensures more traction during the mowing.


  • Front wheel rotates 360 degree.
  • Push button starting.
  • Cutting height adjustment.
  • Lightweight device.
  • Portable lithium-ion battery
  • No oil change required


  • Pace reduces on uneven surfaces.
  • Battery don’t last for long time.

Special features

  • Cutting height adjustment.
  • Ergonomic steering.
  • Less storage space.

For a premium performance and complete cleaning, you can rely on this Husqvarna product. The lawn mower arrives with cutting height adjustment that is fender mounted. Besides, the steering is also ergonomic. The air induction mowing technology is another plus. So, you will have ample air flow in the deck which will result in a clean cut.

The adjustable seat is another advantages and anyone can seat comfortably in the position of the mower operator. Besides, you can also equip it with many other towable devices and accessories. This particular mower has a 22 HP engine for smooth operation and durability of performance.

Turning radius of the mower is 16 inches. So, you can work even in a tighter space. The five-year warranty is another advantages that makes the entire experience wonderful. You also will get a heavy-duty support from the cast-iron front axle.


  • Cruise control.
  • Advance debris management system.
  • 22 HP engine for smoothness.
  • Air induction mowing.
  • Consistent speed.
  • Comfortable operation.


  • Engaging cruise control is complex.
  • May scalp the land.
  • Benefits of lawn mowers

Though you can cut your lawn grasses manually, why you need to have a lawn mower?

A perfect question, indeed.

But the answer is simple. There are several reasons to mow the lawn using a lawn mower. They are briefly clarified here.

Raises beauty

The first and most impressive issue is that the lawn mower will raise the beauty of your lawn. Of course, you can do that manually. But the finishing would not be the same as that can be from a lawn mower. Thereby, if you need to increase the beauty of your lawn, you must opt for a lawn mower.

Saves time

On the other part, a lawn mower can save time. Since this is a machine and works speedily, you can complete the mowing in a short time. But if you follow the conventional modes, it will take more hours and efforts. In most of the cases, we do not have the right amount of moments to spend regularly after the lawn. Thus, a lawn mower is the best option here.

Uniform growth

Simultaneously, you also will have a uniform growth of your lawn grasses. The lawn mowers come with different cutting heights. So, you get a consistent cutting of your lawn grasses. And they start growing in a uniform height. But the scenario is altered when you manually do it. This is not possible all the time to set the height and cut the grasses.

Stylish cutting

Besides, if you need some stylish cutting, you can easily have that. If you want that your lawn should follow any specific style, there is no alternative to engaging a lawn mower. People are different and so do their tastes. Thus, if you need the combination of style and your tastes, you need to use a lawn mower.

How to buy the best lawn mower for hills? 

Buying a lawn mower is not easy. This is an investment for your lawn or garden. So, the performance level should be more than standard. Moreover, you also need to follow certain other criteria. Remember, all that glitters is not gold. So, each of the mowers would not be able to meet all your needs.

In fact, you cannot have the right mower, you may have to face various troubles during the operation. Moreover, the performance level may not satisfy your desire.

So, experts always suggest to check certain features before buying the lawn mower for hills. In this part, you will get some key ideas to follow in order to have your lawn mower.

Here they are.

Consider the Power option

Generally there are three power options to operate a lawn mower. You can use either a battery, electricity or gas to run the grass cutting device. But they have their advantages and disadvantages too. For a hilly terrain, this is not possible to manage a power outlet. So, you cannot hook up the plug to any power source.

Using a battery is reliable. But there are certain limitations. You do not know when the battery will go out of power. In that case, this is not possible for you to arrange a backup battery when you are mowing the hill. This is a technical setback for the users.

But you can get rid of all the issues if you use a gas-operated lawn mower. There is a specific feature to know about the level of gas during the operation. Thus, you can smoothly continue the mowing process. So, if you need to have a lawn mower for hills, get the one that runs on gas.

Wheel matters

Always remember that the hilly terrains are uneven. Usual tires are unable to provide better performance. Chances are higher that the lawn mower may go up wards down. This is really inconvenient, isn’t it? But if the tires are sturdy and oversized, you can have the right performance.

Experts also recommend to check the tires in terms of diameter. Make sure all the tires are of same size. It helps to make a perfect balance. However, you can also do with the smaller front and larger rear wheels. In this point, you are to remain a bit careful about the balance while you are in operation.

Cutting deck size

The deck size is another important issue to consider. Not all the decks are of same size. And they are made considering the types of mowing. For a hilly terrain, you need to have a larger deck. Make sure the deck is larger. If the deck is over 25 inches, it will take a less time for you to clean the areas.

Besides, there are larger decks available as well. You can have over 40 inches of cutting deck. If you need, you can get one of those too. For some decent cutting, the decks over 20 inches are enough. They will clear the land smoothly.

Body construction

Moreover, you also should check the body construction. The body should be from durable materials. Usually, the metal body frame is most suitable for the durability. At the same time, the axels should be from reinforced steel or other metals. There might be some plastic parts but those should also be from professional grade.

When you use a plastic body, there are chances that the parts may break easily in the uneven terrains. But if the parts are from steel or metal, they will absorb the terrain shocks. As a result, you will not have to worry about the potential damage and can continue the mowing.   

Cutting height adjustment

At the same time, check that the lawn mower is capable of adjusting the cutting height of the grasses. Generally, the grasses do not grow following the same height. Some of them are smaller while some others are larger. And if those are not consistent, you cannot expect a uniformed look of your hilly terrains.

Therefore, the lawn mower should have the feature of cutting height adjustment. At present, almost all the lawn mower for hills have the same feature. But you need to check it to be ensured that you have this feature with your grass cutter.

Seat adjustment

On the contrary, the lawn mower should also have the seat adjustment. If you cannot sit properly or feel discomfort, you cannot operate the vehicle. Moreover, it will delay the grass cutting process. But if you can adjust the seat, you will have the necessary level of comfort. And ultimately, the cutting experience would be great.


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Last words

In this review of the best lawn mower for hills, I have shared all the necessary information. Now, this would be easier for you to grab the right lawn mower. However, make sure you select the machine with great care. In fact, this is filled with hassles to replace the models or ask for a refund from the manufacturer.

Happy hill mowing! 

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