Top 10 Best Manual Pole Saw Review and Buying Guide in 2020

Are you a gardener or someone who has a number of trees in your front or backyard? If yes, so you have probably heard of a pole saw, if not used one. Cutting branches and shrubs can be a painful task if the proper tool is not used. Getting the best manual pole saw can ease up your trimming job.

A manual pole saw helps you reach higher branches of trees with less effort. It works with the same method of a lever; all you need is to push the pole from the end. The blade on top will easily cut down the useless shrubs smoothly. Going manual in cutting tools means you don’t need to worry about gas, oil, electricity, or even weight. You can try out Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series pole saw for some of the best trimming experiences.

Best Manual Pole Saw Review

Manual pole saw is one of the oldest of tools to trim higher branches. Now the market is flooded with electric, gas, or battery-powered pole saws in addition to manual ones. Compared to the newer models, a manual pole saw is much cheaper, lighter, and easier to handle & maintain. There are various models of good-quality manual pole saws to pick from. We have reviewed here 10 of the best manual pole saws available on the market. You can easily rely on these pole saws for your cutting job.

So without wasting a word, let’s start!

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Versatile attachable 3-pole system
  • 16-inch tri-cut saw blade
  • Curved saw-head for better maneuver
  • Aluminum ferrules for better locking
  • Branch carrying hook attachment

The Jameson LS-6PKG-6 landscaper pole saw is a 3 part pole saw that can be extended by attaching each part to reach higher branches. It has a 6 feet base pole, 6 feet extension pole, and 6 feet pole with a saw head. Together, the pole can extend to 18 feet and get you to reach higher than that.

It has aluminum ferrules featuring an external leaf spring lock that ensures the three parts lock with solid strength to one another.

The blade is a 16-inch tri-cut saw type for quicker, sharper, and easier cutting. The blade has a row of sharp teeth for piercing trimming. It gives the pole saw the maximum cutting efficiency possible.

All the parts of the three-part body are made from hollow fibre-glass, which gives the pole a sturdy and strong body.

The curved and low-profile head of the blade is perfect for the saw-head to reach move through bushy areas and still provide a great cut.

There is a curved hook attached at the back of the saw to bring down branches with ease – no need to create a mess while trimming!


  • Very light and handy pole
  • The fibre-glass pole provides maximum strength
  • An array of blade teeth ensure proper cutting
  • Higher reach in top branches
  • Easy to attach and detach parts


  • No rubber grip for better grip

ARS LA-180ZR203 4-to-7-Feet Long Reach Pruner


Highlighted Features

  • 30-Degree Adjustable head
  • Rust-proof blade
  • Plastic-coated handle grip
  • 3-spot locking system
  • Ergonomically designed pole

The ARS LA-180ZR203 is one of the simplest, yet powerful pole saw models out there. It’s a telescopic pole that can be easily extended and retracted just by pushing the pole upward or downward. You get to extend the pole up to 7 feet in height and retract it to a minimum of 4 feet. You can lock the pole while extending in 3 different spots locking with a single lever operation enabled by a single pin.   

It features a drop-forged slim designed blade that gives you better leverage for cutting. The blade is hard chrome plated and rust-resistant. You can expect pro-level durability from this sharp blade.

The saw head is adjustable at around 30-degrees. This swing neck allows you to reach those hard-to-reach ends of the trees without any muscle effort.

You can hold the pole in a very comfortable position as it is ergonomically designed. The handle is made of aluminum die-cast, and it has a grip-friendly plastic coating. These features make it very comfortable to hold the pole, especially when you need to reach the highest of branches while trimming.


  • Telescopic pole for better extension
  • Handle gives comfort to hand and shoulder
  • Tilting saw-head allows better maneuver
  • Drop-forged sharp and durable blade for optimum cutting


  • Not very high-reaching pole, only 7 feet.

Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner

Highlighted Features

  • Easy extension and retraction with smart lock
  • Hardened and precision-ground Woodzig blade
  • Durable fibre-glass pole body
  • Very lightweight body
  • Lifetime warranty

Our third pick is Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Pole Saw. It is a powerful pole saw that makes trimming small trees and hard branches an easy job. It features a power-lever technology that makes sure you get a double cutting power comparing to average pole saws found in the market.

The pole can be extended to 14 feet in length to cut branches to a higher height. To help you out with that, the Fiskars 14 Food Pole Saw attached a precision-ground steel blade that is completely hardened and prevents rust. The 15-inch Woodzig saw blade is coated with a low-friction coating that makes cutting branches easier than ever!

To talk about the pole, it is very light and fibre-glass made. The hollow fibre-glass body gives the pole maximum durability to keep supporting you while you are cutting the hardest of branches out there.

While extending the pole, lock with a quick-release thumb lock to put it on its place. Again, releasing the lock is quite easy – just a thump press away.


  • 14-feet high reach
  • 15-inch sharp hardened blade
  • Power-lever technology for two-times better power
  • Easy to handle
  • The low-friction coating on the blade


  • It can cut at best 1.5-inch thick branches, not more than that.

Gilmour 20-18 16-Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw

Highlighted Features

  • Three-part fibre-glass body
  • Extention up to 18 feet
  • 16-inch cast-aluminum blade head
  • A sharp blade with a non-stick coating
  • Brunch pull-down hook attached

Gilmour 16-inch Curved Blade Pole Saw is one of the most durable and great-performing pole-saws available. It has a 16-inch curved cast aluminum saw head that can easily sneak into bushy branches and get out having the job done perfectly. The blade has a non-stick coating that prevents it from getting stuck between branches. Surely a saver!

It comes with a three-part fibre-glass pole that can be joined together to extend the entire pole up to 18 feet. That’s enough of a height to cut and trim some of the highest branches of trees.

One good surprise is that it has a hook attached at the lower back of the blade that can be used to pull down branches that are cut off. You can easily cut the branches and shrubs, and hold the branches with the hook and slowly take them down. It saves a lot of cleaning times!

One thing that can be a bit irritating is that you need to drill holes in the fibre-glass pole to attach the parts. This can be easily done with any average-quality driller.


  • Easy to reach tall branches
  • Durable fibre-glass body means long-time sturdiness
  • Curved head allows reaching in difficult locations
  • Shrub pull-down hook for avoiding a mess


  • You need to do some drilling to assemble the pole.

HAYAUCHI 3-Ext. Polesaw 6.3m

Highlighted Features

  • Full strong aluminum body
  • 3 extension and 4 part pole
  • Pole extension up to 21 feet
  • Blade teeth count of 5.5 per inch for maximum cut
  • Detachable saw head

If you are looking for a higher-reaching pole saw for your trimming task, then Hayauchi 3-Ext. Polesaw is the ultimate pole saw you can buy. It has a 4 part telescopic pole that can be extended at three points to extend the pole up to an impressive 21 feet. With its full extension, you can reach out to branches as high as 25 feet. Enough of height to get any regular job done!

The body of the pole is made from aluminum, which provides greater durability and more strength. Not so surprising that many professionals and households have chosen this to be their ultimate trimming weapon! Doubtlessly it is the best professional manual pole saw.

It has one of the sharpest blades available. The 15-inch blade is a curved one for better reach and cutting tasks. Moreover, it has 5.5 teeth per inch that confirms that you can cut the branches with maximum smoothness.

If you are feeling like using this sharp blade to trim some low branches or shorter trees, then you can easily detach the saw head from the pole and use it. It comes out quite easily from the head.


  • It can reach up to 25-feet in height
  • Curved blade provides better maneuver
  • The telescopic pole provides smooth extension and retraction
  • Very durable pole body


  • Quite a heavy pole to handle

Fiskars 7.9-12 Foot ExtendableTree Pruning Stik Pruner 

Highlighted Features

  • Rope-free design for better use of hands
  • Power-stroke chain-drive gearing ensures maximum cutting power
  • Actuating ball for a higher reach
  • Fully hardened steel blade
  • Lifetime warranty

The Fiskars 12 Food Extendable Pole Saw is very easy to use and ideal for cutting medium to higher branches of trees. It enables making low-cuts without any bending or kneeling required. One of the best things you can notice in this model is that it is completely rope-free. So you can use both of your hands to handle the pole saw and effectively get your trimming job done.

It features a 15-inch Woodzig saw blade as usual for a good slicing experience. It’s non-stick, rust-resistant, a fully hardened blade. Taking down those sturdy branches was never easier.

The curved saw head allows you to rotate the head up to 230-degrees and reach in the toughest of places. The rotation allows the saw head to enter into dense, bushy branches with easy and takedown like a pro.

The pole can extend up to 12 feet with its full extension. In addition, you can reach higher with a little help from the actuating ball placed at the end of the shaft. It will allow you to take your blade higher, with no extra effort.


  • Lack of rope means no tangling and easy handling
  • 15-inch Woodzig sharp blade ensures better cutting
  • 230-degree rotating blade for excellent movement
  • Non-stick and rust-proof blade avoids sticking in branches


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cutting works

Milliard 6-16 Foot Extendable Pole Saw

Highlighted Features

  • Extendable up to 16 feet height
  • Fibre-glass durable body
  • High-carbon SK5 steel-made blade with 1.2 mm thickness
  • Adjustable grip

The Milliard 16 Foot Extendable Tree Pole Saw is one of the best pole-saws that we have seen. It has a fibre-glass pole body that can be extended up to 16 feet when extended to its fullest. The Fibre-glass body provides better durability for heavy tasks.

It features a 14 inch long and 1.2 mm thick blade that is made from high-carbon SK5 steel. It is sharpened on three sides for the maximum sharp cut you deserve. It has cutting teeth for an excellent grip on the branches. The teeth are also sharped from three sides.

This sharp blade can cut through a thickness of 1.25 inches without any hard efforts. This means, apart from thin branches, this tool can bring down thicker branches as well. Once it can put its teeth on a branch, you get the power to cut it down in no time.

For better handling of this tool, you get an adjustable grip handle that you can customize for your comfort. With a proper grip, your success rate is bound to be better.

With the compound pulley system, you can put regular effort to cut down 4 times branches than average.


  • Ideal for cutting higher branches
  • 14-inch sharp blade for excellent cut
  • Compound pulley system for lesser effort
  • The blade can cut through 1.25 inches thick branch


  • Becomes a bit imbalanced while fully-extended

Fiskars 393981-1001 502999 14' Extend Tree Pruner

Highlighted Features

  • Power-Lever technology for double cutting power
  • Higher reach up to 14 feet
  • precision-ground steel pruner for maximum cut
  • Fibre-glass pole body

The Fiskars Extended Tree Pruner Pole Saw is one of the simplest and easiest of pole-saws to operate. It can extend up to a height of 14 feet with its full extension. The power lever technology that comes with it ensures you get double power while bringing down shrubs and branches.

A 15-inch Woodzing blade is there that can cut through branches up to 1-1/8 inch thick. The precision-ground steel made blade has the upper hand when it comes to durability and sharpness.

The pole has a fibre-glass made oval-shaped body, which kind of prevents the bending while in an extended position. You can better cutting-control and natural grip.  

A double-locking system ensures the poles are strongly put while you extend it to a maximum level.


  • The 15-inch Woodzig blade cuts perfectly
  • The secured double-locking system enables better safety
  • Cuts branches up to 1-1/8 inches thick


  • A bit difficult to control with full-extension

Jameson FG-6PKG-7 FG-Series Manual Pole Saw

Highlighted Features

  1. Double pulley system
  2. 16-inch Barracuda Tri-Cut saw blade
  3. Extension of pole up to 12 feet
  4. Features impulse-hardened teeth

The Jameson FG-6PKG-7 Manual Pole Saw features a 16-inch tri-cut saw blade with hardened teeth for maximum cutting and trimming experience. The sharpness of the blade will leave you satisfied even after multiple uses.

It has a base pole which 6 feet long and can be extended to 12 feet with an extension added. It can take your blade more than 12 feet high while extended at a maximum level.

With a double-pulley system, the pole saw asks for a less force for a better trimming and smoother cut.

The tilted saw head with numerous teeth ensures that you can put your saw in some of the densest branches and still bring out useless branches in seconds.


  • Curved saw head for better placement
  • Comes with a 20-feet rope
  • Requires lesser force compared to regular pole saws


  • Very heavy to handle

INTBUYING 26 Foot Pole Saws

Highlighted Features

  • Fibre-glass pole body
  • Extendable up to 26 feet
  • Blades can cut into a 4-inch diameter of timber

Last but not least, we have a giant player on our list. The Intbuying 26 foot Pole Saw. Although it’s a bit heavy to use, given that it can extend up to 26 feet in length, you definitely should give it a try, if the higher reach is your need.

With the sharp blade it features, it can easily cut through a 4-inch diameter limb. With a fibre-glass made pole, the Intbying 26 Food Pole-Saw confirms its rigidness in a better way.

In short, for length concerned people out there, this 26 feet pole saw is the ideal one to get.


  • An impressive high reach
  • Clean cutting with no lock-up
  • Perfect for medium cutting


  • Not a heavy-duty working tool

Best Manual Pole Saw Buying Guide

Although there have been multiple upgrades in pole-saws in recent times, some of us still prefer a manual pole saw for getting some simple trimming and cutting tasks. On top of that, a manual pole saw costs amazingly less, weighs very low, and easy to maintain. So, what should you look for while you are buying a best-rated manual pole saw? Let’s find out!

The pole length is vital

A pole saw is basically something that allows you to reach higher branches of a tree without a need for a ladder. The higher the pole saw, the better you the cutting experience you get. Before looking for brands, look at the length it may provide. Not all pole-saws can give you a reach as high as he Intbuying 26 foot Pole Saw can.

The durability of the pole

Yes, many may think a fibre-glass made pole body is ideal to have but trust us, a cast-aluminum body will give you the long-lasting durability you need. Go for products like Gilmour 16-inch Curved Blade Pole Saw for maximum durability.

Longer and sharper blade means better trim

The blade length is very important, which is often unheard of. An ideal blade should be at least 16 inches with an array of teeth on it. It should be thick as well for a pro-level grip. However, if you can find a blade that is carbon-made like the Milliard 16 Foot Extendable Tree Pole Saw, hen you are off for the best cutting experience of your life.

Weight is the key

A pole saw is bound to be extended. There’s a little problem with the extension. The more it is extended, the heavier it tends to feel. Make sure you are buying  lightweight pole saw. This will make sure you don’t feel pain on your hands or shoulder.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1) Does a manual pole saw need oiling?

Answer: It’s not something absolutely necessary for it to get going. But oiling the joints of the extensions, and the saw-head can make sure these joints work perfectly over time.

Q2) Can the blade be sharpened?

Answer: Yes, it can be. However, most of the users prefer to replace the blade as it is easily replaceable. You can find the exact model if needed.

Q3) How to clean the blades to prevent rust?

Answer: Most users prefer oven cleaners to clean off the blades. Make sure you use proper safety gear while cleaning.

Final Words

Finding the best manual pole saw can be a hectic task, especially when it is less used professionally. Still, there are various brands out there, claiming to be the best out there, and providing maximum cutting output. If you are planning to buy a manual pole saw for your cleaning works, you can easily rely on any

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