Best rear tine tiller under $1000 | Complete Buyer Guide & Review

Buying a tine tiller when you are tied up with the budget is a bit tricky but not impossible as you are paying 1000$ for them. Some may think that, “Why I would purchase a rear tine tiller with this hefty amount of money?” Well, after knowing the benefits that lie behind it, you may crave for it.                    

A rear tine tiller will keep you away from spending hours and hours digging up your yard with a shovel or a spade. That alone fact is enough that worth your money. 

Due to the high number of brands in the market, purchasing the best tine tiller can be overwhelming. This is why I am here to let you know how to buy a rear tine tiller under 1000$ with some product suggestions and FAQs. All of them are selected based on overall rich quality. So, without further ado, let’s gauge in to the topics.

Why Should You Buy A Rear Tine Tiller?

A rear tine tiller runs by an engine is very powerful and can till the ground from deep in a while. Why wasting time and energy when you have better options? We know that wasting time means making the distance from success.

So, it’s high time you should add this machine to your yard appliances. They are driven by the powerful engine, making them far more excellent than front tine tillers.

1. Mantis 7566-12-02 Deluxe XP 4-Cycle Tiller 

Despite being one of the cheapest tillers on our list this tiller lot of things to love. Don’t get this tiller wrong by its size. It has a 35cc, 4-cycle, honda engine. Though the motor seems short the speed it creates is enough for preparing a great flower or vegetable bed. 

The Ergonomic comfort grip makes this model easy to maneuver. One great feature that it has is the ability to adjust the height of the handles. So, make it longer when you feel comfortable or make it shorter if you want to weed close from the ground. 

With 16-inch tilling width, it makes sure the job gets done faster and saves your valuable time. The steel-cut gear housing in the heavy-duty cast is sharp, strong and reliable as they can break through tough dirt or hard clay.

The tires also help with its ease of mobility, as you can see this tiller is only 34 pounds in weight. All these user-friendly features, supports this tiller, to become a compact and versatile tool. Thus, they can even handle the most challenging ground around your garden.


  • The  Honda, 4-cycle, 35cc engine gives you enough power to slice through tough grounds.
  • 16-inch tilling width can cover a large space to make the job quicker. 
  • The tiller comes with the most compact size for easy movement. 
  • The steel-cut gear system is durable and powerful. 


  • The tiller does not get deep into the soil.
  • The manual is not clear to the customers. 

This tiller is equipped with the combination of Briggs & Stratton engine and  9.50 ft-lbs gross torque. This engine can speed up the tines to about 190 rpm. It means 

If you want to cover a large part of the garden in a short while, I couldn’t be surer of that its 18″ wide rear tine can help you insanely.  

Since it is provided with both a forward and counter gear drive, you’ll be able to get it to most areas regardless of any obstacles. Whether for cultivation or deep tilling, you can call it a perfect machine for your backyard. 

Tear off the weed from the root and plow even the most compact soil thoroughly with its 6.5″ working depth that you can adjust between 7 depth options. Therefore, You can either shallow the ground or dug them deeper based on the necessity of your job. Besides the areas you have done tilling once, it will not require double tilling anyway. 

Something a multi-tasker will love about this machine is the single-hand operation. This is a valuable feature if you want to steer from either side of the tillers or perform other jobs while tilling. 

The 13″ self-sharpening tines will save your time and resources as you don’t need any extra tools for sharpening them. For improved balance, its front weight is sat on 13″ pneumatic wheels and arranged with the self-propelled system. 


  • Powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine and 9.50 ft-lbs gross torque.
  • 18″ wide rear tine can cover as much ground as it can.
  • It comes with 6.5″ working depth with options of 7 adjustments.
  • The 13″ self-sharpening prevents the need for sharpening by gardeners


  • The metal edges of the front could harm the operator.
  • Maybe some manual assembly required.

With the perfect combination of  212cc engine and high-performing features, I am utterly convinced, It is going to be a great addition in your lawn. The outcome of this powerful motor is smooth and well-cultivated ground without any weeds. Besides to keep it safe and lasts for a long time it is placed in a cast iron. 

It comes with four 13.8-inch tine and they are made of mighty and durable steel, especially for heavy-duty. Therefore, it’s a known fact that it has a capacity of chewing up rocky soil while flying through difficulties such as underground roots. 

When you’re done tilling you’ll need to take the tiller back to the garage. We all know how much it’s a hassle to store a large -size machine and taking them out. Fortunately, this tiller arrives with 8-inch storable transport wheels. It allows to move through the garden without fatigue and helps to increase balance in loose soil. 

This tiller offers variable tilling width between 16 to 22-inch, which means, it’s offering 7 adjustments for setting width. Aside from that, the digging depth of this tiller is 8-inch that can dig deep to pull the most stubborn weed efficiently. Such depth with dual rotation gear can contribute you to shift seamlessly from forward to an opposite mode for better flexibility.


  • It offers a variable tilling width setting from 16 to 22-inch tilling width.
  • The 8-inch tilling depth capacity can dig deeper up to the strong root.
  • For easy transport of the tiller, It comes with 8-inch storable transport wheels.
  • The tiller comes with 212cc engine and four 13.8-inch heavy-duty hardened Steel tines.


  • Occasionally dry grass or tough vines may become tangledSome effort needed to power forward.

As a customer, hope you already know that the performance and quality of a machine strongly depend on its source of power. Yet, do you know that gas-powered machines are more powerful and versatile? Yes, greenskeeper, you can say so and that’s the real thing that a tiller need to deal with tough materials. 

Other than that, this machine can be set in 14-inch tilling width and 6-inch depth. It means a perfect lawn without any covered weeds at a very small period. So, hope you understand how this 6-inch depth-controlled machine will work to rip off compact soil into fine-grained soil. Beyond that, the 10-Inch rear steel tines that it includes will show its effective cutting charm and make your lawn perfect. 

Plus, I want you to pay attention to the counter-rotating tines that can dig into the untouched ground more easily and make the work seamless. A very useful feature that is added is the tine shield. It will increase the protection of you from dropping debris while tilling. 

To strengthen the tiller, It comes with 11″ x 4″ pneumatic tires that deliver excellent maneuverability while its Loop and Bail handle will provide you a comfortable grip. 


  • The 10-Inch rear steel tines cut strong weeds efficiently. 
  • This tiller has 14-inch tilling working width and 6-inch working depth. 
  • It comes with 11″ x 4″ pneumatic tires.
  • Loop and Bail handle will provide you a comfortable grip.


  • It is only self-propelled in a forward movement. 
  • No reverse gear it includes. 

Why We Pick Craftsman CMXGVAM1144036?

This is a super heavy duty tiller with 14-inch tilling width and 6-inch depth allowing it to easily get over any rough terrain in a while.  The steel tines are also durable, as you can see they come in a great size at 10 inches.

The ability of 19-inch tilling width and an 8-inch tilling depth of this machine makes it ideal for any type of area including fresh or rocky spaces. However, If you think the adjustable tilling width is the facilities that it missed out then saying it happily, you are wrong. Hence, you can give your lawn a touch of light till or heavy till as it needs. To further ease plowing, the tiller features dual-rotation tilling to provides flawless groundbreaking energy. 

In addition to these features, This tiller is engineered with four 13.8-inch steel, heavy-duty, pneumatic tires that ensure balance even over rough terrains. Another helpful feature is 13-inch self-propelled agriculture tires will offer you easy weeding with a minimum amount of effort. 

The tiller receives its power from a 212cc engine that powers a gear-drive transmission. For better durability, it is placed in a solid cast-iron case. The tiller even arrives with convenient handle controls, offering you extreme versatility and balance.


  • The machine has the ability of 19-inch tilling width and 8-inch tilling depth.
  • Designed with four 13.8-inch steel, heavy-duty, pneumatic tires.
  • It features 13-inch self-propelled agriculture tires for better movement.
  • This tiller is powered by a 212cc engine for efficient tilling. 


  • The tires come off sometimes.
  • Slight push may need to go forward, for the first time. 

Why We Pick Champion 19-Inch Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller?

Finding every benefit in a single product is not so easy. This tiller brought to you by Champion is loaded with every feature that a landscaper craves for. 

It is one of the perfect tools for the gardener who’s serious about cultivating yard with high performance and durability. This tiller has the ability to till up to 6.5 inches deep which means this model tills essentially the deepest possible area. It is a lightweight tool with 100 pounds and 26 x 27.5 x 40 inches in size. So, It is compact and easy to transport in the store and back to the garden again. 

Starting up an engine feels big trouble for its complex settings. Luckily, this tiller from Husqvarna reduces start-up frustration with an easy process. With a working depth of 6.5 inches and a working width of 24 inches, this tiller performs perfectly while tackling your largest landscaping jobs with the least amount of effort. 

It has one forward gear and one reverse for easy movement around the garden. The easy-adjust drag bar behind the tiller allows working providing additional balance in different conditions. What makes this machine special is the Liquid combustion technology (lct) that it includes


  • With a working depth of 6.5 inches and a working width of 24 inches, It works great. 
  • Includes Liquid combustion technology (lct) that it includes. 
  • Compact and easy to transport in the store and back to the garden again. 
  • The tiller has one forward gear and one reverse for easy movement around the garden.


  • Replacing items is not available sometimes.

Why We Pick Husqvarna TF224?

Husqvarna is one of the famous brands in the power tool industry which was established in the United States. Among them, the Husqvarna TF224 is one of their finest front tine tillers available in the market.

7. Troy-Bilt Super-Bronco Rear Counter Rotating Tine Tiller

This powerful tiller utilizes 208cc Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Engine to deliver energy to the machine. You should know that four-cycle engines save fuel while increasing the power output. Apart from that, it makes a machine more efficient and quicker than a 2-Cycle-Engine. You will be amazed to know that, it can even speed up the tines to about 240 rpm.

Housed in cast-iron case the bronze gear transmission is arranged to confirm durability. In addition to that, the entire frame of this reliable tiller is designed with high-quality carbon steel for extra strength.

Tilling means that the machine has to deal with tight or muddy soils, sometimes. The tine of the low-quality cultivators often gets stuck in these types of grounds. Considering this problem, Troy-Bilt brings this tiller with heavy 13-Inch AG Tires for easier maneuverability.

It allows 16-inch tilling width to the machine to cover the maximum amount of land quickly. It has Counter-Rotating Tines to move the tines in the opposite direction of the wheels while digging faster and deeper into the most challenging and compact soil. 


  • It has a 208cc Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Engine for powerful operation.
  • The 13-Inch AG Tires are included for better maneuvering.
  • It allows 16-inch tilling width to the machine.
  • Counter-Rotating Tines to move the tines in the opposite direction.


  • Sometimes, slight push needs to till through thick dirt. 

Why We Pick Troy-Bilt Super-Bronco?

For a long time now, Troy-Bilt has been in the first line of making top quality gardening power equipment. Troy-Bilt Super-Bronco is one of them that will provide you get maximum support with highest-performance.

Things to Consider before Buying a rear tine tiller under $1000

The listed above rear tine tiller are all worthy of your valuable money. Still, find it challenging? Don’t know what to look for and don’t know what you actually need? Well, this is why I added here this buying guide to show you all the important factors that you should consider before dropping your hard-earned money. Spending a thousand dollars for a single machine is a great investment. So, make a note of the following key points before buying unless you don’t want to scream with regret.


When buying a power tool, the most essential part is the power source of it. With only a high-quality one, you can actually survive in the long run. The rich engine means the best outcomes from your machine that will satisfy you.

You learn about two types of engine- 2 cycle and 4 cycle engines in a rear tine tiller. An advantage of a 2-stroke engine is, it’s powerful and can produce more energy. Unlike a 4-cycle engine, they are not quite and make a loud sound. Whereas, a 4 stroke engine tends to make a minor sound. Other than that, the usage of fuel requirement is lower in it.

If you need a tiller for extremely rough and tough terrain, a gas-powered engine with cc will serve you better than others. You can hope that a Model with 175 ccs or higher than that can perform your task at any type of terrain without any interruptions. Keep informed that, they require a good amount of gas other than smaller engines.

Rotating Tines

A rear tine tiller may have counter-rotating tines or forward-rotating tines. What’s the difference between those two tines? Check them out -

  • Counter-Rotating Tines: These tines don’t tend to go through the same directions as the wheel does. They travel in reverse from the direction of the wheels. They work great when dealing with tough and compact soil and stubborn weeds.
  • Forward-Rotating Tines: These tines are also known as standard tines that move forward in the same direction that the wheel moves. They work better for loose soil or previous tilled bed.
  • There are also some models that offer both types of rotation which are known as dual-rotating tines. You can also choose them for ultimate performance with excellent tilling.

Tilling Depth and Width

Tilling depth and width is one of the significant features that you must consider. First, you have to figure out how much tilling depth and width you need for your yard. If you own a big garden with lots of tough and rocky soil with grass, go for the one with big size. On the other hand, for small and medium-sized yards you can compromise some tilling depth and width and save some money to pay for some other features based on budget.


Weight is something that plays a significant role in those machines that need to carry and store at times. Therefore, choosing light equipment is smarter so that you can handle them easily. On second thought, If pushing and lugging around a heavy tiller is not trouble for you then you can decide any model that comes with other special features in your budgets.


Since it’s a matter of moving a big machine through intense dirt and mud, tires are a very useful thing that you should have with your tiller. To improve control and maneuverability over the machine, the tires help a lot.

Choose the tire that is able to ride on any type of ground including muddy or rocky soil. For this, buy a tiller with at least 13″.


You will see two types of a handle in a tiller- adjustable or fixed. The advantages of the adjustable handle are you can change them according to your height and needs.


When it’s about power and heavy equipment, safety is a must. Those models that consist of counter-weight increase the stability of the machine while operating it.


How a rear tine tiller works?

How much does a rear tine tiller weight?

What does dual rotating rear tine tiller mean?

Final Words

All the models mentioned above are arranged based on performance and durability for the best experience. Whatever your requirement is, each one of them from the list will surely prove themselves as great machinery.

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