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Can my rabbit eat cat food? Rabbit Food Tips

Thereare many multiple pet owners in the USA and most of them possess either cat anddog or cat and rabbit, together. So the question is: how they balance the dietchart of multiple different species?

Todisclose that question, our research team arranged a discussion session withveterinarians.when we put the question in that session.

TheVeterinarians replied that they used to answer the various question from petowner through social media, or personal website.

Forillustrating the assertion practically, one of the veterinarians showed us amultiple pet owner query, and the query was:

Rabbit Feeding

Can my rabbit eat cat food?

No, sir,it is very risky for your rabbit, because rabbits are vegan on the other hand catsare opposite of that. As a result, their digestion systems are different fromeach other.

To makethe fact more clearly, we want to share a piece of information with you. So theinformation is: rabbit cannot tolerate high protein and carbohydrate,

Causetheir fluffy body structure are made for vegetable, if they accidentally eatmeat and continuously run the habit, then kidney failure or deadly symptom canbe seen.

AS you are a multiple pet owner, we are providing you some rabbit food tips, for keeping your rabbit fit.


Makesure that your rabbits are having 80% hay in their regular diet chart.

Feedthem at least 10% vegetable each day

Provide5% pellets every day

If you can maintain the diet chart regularly. certainly, your rabbits will become healthy. apart from the diet chart, There is some more thing you should know to save you rabbit from cat food.

Thenumber one thing is: keep away all the cat food from your rabbit since theyhave to chew everyday to avid teeth overgrowing disease.

Numbertwo: if your cats and rabbits are good friends then it’s high time to look attheir long-lasting friendship by monitoring their movement.

Numberthree: keep providing fresh water and maintain different food giving place asif they cannot get in touch with each other, at the time of food eating.

Aftercompleting the answering session, The Veterinarian added: Now, that customerwill able to create a balance food chart between its cat and rabbit.

As aresult, the pet owner will enjoy the rest of the pet fosterage journey. Fromthat point of view, we can say that proper guideline can save your pet lifealso make your journey much easier.