Top 10 Tips for Losing Weight Faster

The topic of weight loss is a hot one. A quick search online will bring up tons of articles claiming to have newfound methods that are assured to help you lose weight quicker than ever.

However, they tend to focus on some complicated or drastic methods. These can include the kinds of workouts and extremely restrictive diets.

Losing Weight Faster

If it’s all feeling very overwhelming, you’ll be glad to hear we’re going to take you through some of the simpler ways to lose more weight in a shorter span of time. However, don’t think be deceived into thinking simpler isn’t as effective.

Sticking to some of the fundamental basics can conjure the best results. So, let’s take a look at some of the top tips to lose weight faster. 

Drink More Water

Drinking water not only has incredible health benefits, for both your body and mind, it can also be used strategically to help you stick to your diet.
Whenever you feel hungry in between your meals, drink a lot of water. It works to fill your stomach up and get rid of those hunger feelings.
A great little method you can use before eating every single meal is to drink plenty of water. This helps you to feel more satisfied with your meal and you’re less likely to binge. 

Multitasking and Eating

A lot of the time, we end up eating dinner in front of the TV, right? It seems like there would be no big issue, however, this has been found to cause over eating.
Since you’re paying attention more to what’s on the screen that what you’re consuming, you don’t realise how quickly you’re eating. As a result, you end up finishing the meal faster and are left feeling like you want more.
So, if you are going to watch TV and eat, be sure to pay extra attention to how you’re eating your food. Make sure to focus on properly chewing each mouthful. This also helps you enjoy your meal more and feel satisfied. 

Season Your Food!

Many of the extreme diets around nowadays can end up being very plain and boring. As a result, you’re left with a craving for flavour and you’re more likely to ditch the diet in search of tastier meals.
Well, you can still eat healthily to lose weight, while also enjoying your food. So, don’t be afraid to add a lot of seasonings to your meals. However, be careful when it comes to sauces. They can be very high in calories.
Using herbs and spices are the easiest and most effective way to make your diet feel flavoursome again. This creates a healthy relationship between you and your meals and it will no longer feel like a diet. It’s something you can maintain without as much effort on a daily basis, which causes you to lose weight faster. 

Don’t Battle Your Cravings

Initially, this may sound counterintuitive to losing weight faster. However, listening to your cravings is a crucial part to a successful weight loss plan that gets overlooked.
If you begin having cravings for sweet foods, listen to them and satisfy them. But with healthy options. Instead of grabbing a bar of chocolate, go for a piece of fruit. 

While it may not feel as great as eating the junk food, you’ll satisfy your craving and feel better that you made that choice afterwards.
This method of squashing cravings can also work as effective mental training. In the beginning, it will be difficult to develop the willpower to pick healthier food choices. But once you begin to see how it truly does satisfy you, and that you’re still on track for losing weight, it won’t feel like so much of a challenge. 

Make High-Volume Meals

Since losing weight faster usually requires meals that are low in calories, it’s common to still feel hungry afterwards. Well, an easy way to fill yourself up more, while remaining on lower calories, is to add lots of volume.
The volume of meals simply refers to the weight and amount of food to consume in front of you. Adding more doesn’t necessarily have to mean more calories.
Choosing highly nutritious foods, like spinach, kale, and various salad leaves are super effective. They give you more to chew on and help to take up more room in your stomach. 

You Can Still Eat What You Enjoy

You may be tired of hearing that the only way to lose weight faster is to be 100% on track with your healthy diet. And while consistency in your diet is paramount for weight loss, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat your favourite foods again.
You just have to be sure that you do it strategically.
When your friends and family are going out for a meal, you can often feel isolated in the number of food choices available. Well, if you plan accordingly, you can still enjoy the food and company, while still losing weight.
For example, if you know you’ll be out with friends on Friday night for a meal, it keeps you motivated to stick to your diet. You know that by Friday, you’ll be able to indulge. When it comes to the day, it’s a good idea to save the majority of your calories for that meal.
You can then jump right back onto your regular diet the next day and still be on the successful path to losing weight faster. 

Food Substitutions

Diets often leave you feeling like you have a finite list of foods you can eat. However, it’s good to know that many common foods have counterparts that are healthy. For example, if your diet means giving up white bread, you don’t have to say goodbye to bread completely. You could try the healthier option of wholegrain bread as a substitute.

Learn Accurate Portion Sizes

One of the biggest mistakes people make when dieting is eye-balling their food portions. If you haven’t got a good grasp on the amount of calories that certain portions of food have, you could be way off in your estimations.
When you’re making meals from scratch, learning the calories of your food is actually easier than it seems. There are various apps available that let you log in your food quantities and it gives you the number of calories – as well as the macronutrients.
After a week of making your meals and tracking the calories they contain, you’ll have a much better idea of how many calories your food contains. As a result, the eye-balling approach to portion sizes will be more accurate and you’re more likely to continue on an effective weight loss plan. 

High-Protein Breakfast

Protein is a macronutrient that’s incredibly important on a diet. Typically, it helps you to feel fuller for longer.
Therefore, if you start your day off with a breakfast that contains lots of protein, you’re more likely to curb cravings to the side. You won’t feel as hungry in the gap between your first and second meal later in the day.
If you were to eat a breakfast high in carbs, for example, you would be more likely to give into unhealthy cravings. While carbs taste great, they don’t do a whole lot when it comes to keeping you satiated for long durations of time.
Therefore, the hunger effects would be impacting you a lot more in comparison to if you stick to high-protein breakfasts. 

Get Enough Sleep

Studies reveal that people who commonly experience poor sleep are more likely to gain weight. The research shows us that people who sleep better weigh significantly less than those who have sleep issues.

Other studies have also found a strong link between obesity and inadequate sleep!
One of the biggest reasons as to why a lack of sleep can cause you to gain more weight is because it effects your hormones. Furthermore, you’re less likely to have the energy to want to exercise and burn off excess calories.
So, make sure you pay attention to getting a good night’s sleep consistently. 


Those were a top ten list of tips you can start using to lose weight quicker than ever right away. Don’t wait to start losing body fat.
Implementing the above tips into your routine can have profound effects on the rate at which you lose weight. We also recommend that you take part in some form of exercise to burn more calories. Anywhere between 3-5 days of exercise a week will enhance the results even further.
Hopefully, we’ve provided you with some useful insights into some of the more basic tips to lose weight quicker.
Sticking to your diet, and using the above tips, will work to keep things as simple as possible. Sometimes, when you’re on a diet, the simplicity is what can keep you going.
Be sure to remain consistent with your diet too. That is what will bolster the best results in the shortest amount of time.

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