Top Six Best Self-propelled Lawn Mower In 2020

Mowing a hill is not easy. There are certain risks of a misstep, and also you need a perfect lawn mower.

So, what to do then?

Well, there are lots of precautions you need to follow. The first thing is to get the best self-propelled lawn mower for hills. They are suitable for the jobs on the hills.

We know, you might have specific choices for this purpose. But remember, all the lawn mowers are not the right piece to do the job. You may fall victim to the marketing strategies of the manufacturers. The marketing gibberish establishes that the products are the best.

In reality, the mainstream users suffer in the long run. So, you need to be careful.

Top six lawn mower review 

In this post, we will discuss the best six products that you will need to trim your hilly parts of your yard. The products are not selected randomly. We have spent hours to find them.

The explanations will also help to know more about them. Find the right one from the review that suits you most.

The products we love to check

Key features of this mower

  • Large deck.
  • Precise speed control.
  • Reliable wheels.

Troy-Bilt TB370 is a self-propelled lawn mower. If you are looking for a reliable lawn mower for hills, this is a great option for you. The capacity of the mower is large, and it can also clean the grasses in a fast manner. The mower arrives with a 163cc engine that also ensures speed control. Besides, it can also run in different terrains.

The other features of the product include reliable front and rear wheels. The single level cutting height adjustment is also a plus. You can cut grasses up to 3.75 inches. The two-year warranty is also a feature to love this product. This is a three-in-one lawn mower. So, you have the option of mulching too.

The deck of the mower is 20 inches and thus covers a large space while cutting. The adjustability of the handles also easy than other types of mower.   


  • Powered with 163cc engine.
  • Tri-Action cutting system.
  • Six different settings.
  • Single lever height adjustment feature.
  • Side discharge.
  • Rear bag.


  • Not that much durable.
  • Assembly takes time.

Key features of this mower

  • Durable steel deck.
  • Three-in-one design.
  • USB port.

Durability is a concern for most of the people as the lawn mowers last less than expected. Here you will get the optimum durability. The cutting deck is 21 inches, and you can cover a large area of grasses. Besides, this product comes with a three-in-one design. So, you have the option of mulching and collecting the grasses at the same time.

The motor comes with a brushless feature that ensures more torque. At the same time, the operation is almost noise-less. The mower comes with a dual battery port. So, you no longer need to worry about the battery runout time. Storing the mower is also simple for its compact size and shape. 

It also has a USB port to recharge your electronic devices. The mower has seven cutting height adjustment settings. Thereby, it allows you to cut grasses in different sizes. The rear discharge helps to collect the grasses easily.


  • Self-propelled feature.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Different grass cutting height adjustment.
  • High-quality grass cutting.
  • Handlebar folding option.
  • 21-inch cutting deck.


  • Battery life is not satisfactory.
  • No other visible cons available.

Key features of this mower

  • Brushless motor.
  • Durable steel deck.
  • Dual battery port.

The use of the brushless motor is a smart feature that ensures the durability of the lawn mower. Initially, you can use the lawn mower for around 45 minutes. But the battery runtime may extend based on the operation of grass cleaning. 

With a 21-inch cutting deck, the lawn mower can cover a large area. The process is prompt, and so it takes less time for you. The operation is quiet, and the motor has a longer life for being a brushless one. The self-propelled rear wheels can adjust

Self-propelled rear wheel drive can be easily adjusted to your cutting pace. Besides, the product comes with a three-in-one design. There is a single lever to adjust the cutting height of your grasses. You can adjust the height up to seven positions, and this is a simple process. The rear bag will collect the grasses.


  • Compact size.
  • Durable battery.
  • Seven position cutting height adjustment.
  • Side discharge.
  • Self-propelled.
  • 21-inch cutting deck.


  • Battery life needs further improvement.
  • Makes a bit noise during the operation.

Key features of this mower

  • Cordless.
  • Side discharge.
  • Three-in-one performance.

This is a self-propelled lawn mower for durable performance. Moreover, there is a steel mowing deck which ensures the durability of the performance. You can have several options at a time, including mulching, bagging the grass at a time. The side discharge is another issue that you will adore. The battery can run up to 45 minutes.

The size and shape of the product are small. So, you can store the product in a tight space. Moreover, there is no noise during the operation of the device. Using the single lever, you can adjust the height up to seven settings. On the other part, there is a push button start, which reduces efforts.

You can also control the forward movement of the mower for the self-propelled feature. The brushless motor is another aspect that increases the longevity of the mower. The load sensing technology will adjust the speed of the cutting blades.


  • Variable speed.
  • High efficiency.
  • Speed control.
  • Several cutting height adjustments.
  • 21-inch mowing deck.
  • 10-inch rear wheels.


  • Assembly is a bit complex.
  • Product not available always.

Key features of this mower

  • 60-minute run time.
  • Cutting height adjustment.
  • Brushless motor.

With the self-propelling feature, this lawn mower comes with some other special features. It can run up to 60 minutes at a stretch. Starting with a push button, this device can cut the grasses silently and smoothly. If you want to adjust the height of your grasses for uniformity, this could be a great option.  

Setting up the mowing speed is the other feature. You can adjust the pace in line with your movement. The brushless motor is another feature of the product that ensures durability. You need no worries about the motor. The load-sensing technology is another plus. So, you get a higher level of efficiency in grass cutting.

You also will need less space to store the device for its compact size and shape. The deck is made from steel, and it is 20 inches in length. Thus, you can cover a moderate area at a time. The discharge bag will collect all the grasses easily.


  • Cordless feature.
  • Longer battery run time.
  • Rapid charging.
  • Vertical storage option.
  • Steel deck.
  • Seven height adjustments.


  • Battery overheating.
  • Suitable for small-scale jobs.

Key features of the mower

  • More torque of the motor.
  • Longer device life.
  • Brushless motor.

The adjustment of paces is the most impressive issue of this lawn mower. You can adjust the cutting with your walking pace. Moreover, the motor is 40 V and brushless. So, you can expect a longer life of the motor. With a full charge, the device can perform for around 45 minutes.

However, the runtime of the device may vary based on the terrain and user behavior. The cutting deck is 21 inches and from steel. So, you need less replacement. The rear wheel is self-propelled. So, it adjusts with your walking speed.

There is seven height adjustment feature with this lawn mower. As a result, you have the option to bring the grasses in a uniformed state. The device also provides you the opportunity of clipping the grasses in the shortest moments.


  • 21-inch steel deck.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Dual battery port.
  • Three-in-one design.
  • Space saving.
  • Quick grass cutting.


  • Battery life needs an extension.
  • Not suitable for larger areas.

Benefits of a lawn mower for hills 

Why should you use a lawn mower? Is there any specific reason?

Well, of course, there are some specific benefits of using a lawn mower. People around the world use the devices to trim their lawns and yards. Some of the key benefits are explained in brief here for your convenience.  

Saves your time

The first and most important aspect is that a lawn mower can save the time of the users. This is a machine and can provide faster cutting. But if you want to do it manually, it may take more time than a lawn mower. So, if you want to save your time, you can opt for a lawn mower.   

Improved cutting

On the other part, you can have an improved cutting of your lawn with a lawn mower. Generally, people who cut the grasses manually cannot maintain consistency. So, the grasses have different heights and do not look great. But if you want to make the lawn look like gorgeous and smart, lawn mower is a must.

A physical exercise

It may sound weird, but using a lawn mower is also a type of mild physical exercise. So, you are burning calories, and you can keep the process on by using the lawn mower frequently. 

How to buy the best self-propelled lawn mower?

Getting a self-propelled mower is not a big deal. But you need to have certain aspects in mind. When you want to purchase a lawn mower, you need to check if the standard options are available or not.

Following the expert advice, some of the key aspects are described here.

Cutting deck size

Since you plan to cut hills, the deck size needs to be larger than usual. You can compromise with the deck size when you are planning for a smaller space. But you need to cover a wide area at a time when you are on the hills. Thereby, the cutting size should be at least over 15 inches. There are larger cutting decks available as well. If you need it, you can have one of those too.

Power options

The best power option to run a lawn mower is gas. Therefore, you can use the mowers which run with gas. But you can also opt for batteries as well. In the present day, lawn mowers are available with dual battery ports. In case of a power shortage, you can use the other battery for running the machine. As a result, it will be convenient for you to complete your mowing easily.

Construction materials

The body of the machine may come with some plastic parts. But the overall construction should be of metal. Without metallic construction, this is not possible to have a long-term service from the lawn mower. This is not possible for the users to replace or repair the parts of the mower. And for consistent performance, body construction plays an important role, indeed.


Besides, the lawn mower should also come with a warranty. You should get the warranty for at least two years. If there are no such warranties, you need to move for the next one. In fact, this is a mechanical device. And it may malfunction at any time and without any prior notice. So, if there is a warranty, you can smoothly get the necessary service from the manufacturer.

But if the lawn mower does not have any such warranties, you have to repair the device on your own. That is a costly and time-consuming aspect, as well.

Cutting height adjustment

At the same time, the lawn mower should come with cutting height adjustment. The grasses in a lawn are of different size. If you need uniformity of your grasses, you need to cut them at a certain height level. Generally, the lawn mowers come with various options for cutting height adjustment.

So, you must check the cutting height adjustment feature. Many of the lawn mowers can cut grasses up to seven heights. Some of them come with a single level option. With the single lever, you can adjust all the settings. Try to get one of those.

Wheel size

Experts recommend that the wheel size of the lawn mowers should be at least eight inches. If you can get more, that would be better. When the wheel sizes are smaller than eight inches, it becomes difficult for the lawn mower to move around and cut the grasses. Therefore, you must care for this specific issue in particular.

Low maintenance

You are getting a lawn mower to maintain your yard. But if the lawn mower needs maintenance, that would be pathetic. In this case, you need to find something that needs less maintenance. Cleaning the blades, deck, and other parts should be easy. Simultaneously, the lawn mower should also be capable of withstanding different terrains with less maintenance.


Q: What is a self-propelled lawn mower? 

A: A self-propelled lawn mower is a type of device that can set the pace by itself. You need not push the mower too much. The motor of the lawn mower will move it forward to a specific speed. Thus, your mowing will be simple and less time consuming.

Q: What is a moderate cutting deck size?

A: Well, this is a bit complex issue to reply. Numbers of issues are attached here. First of all, you need to check how much area you need to cover. If that is a small yard or lawn, you can easily do the cleaning with around eight to ten-inch deck. But if the area is moderate, you have to use a deck that is over 10 inches in diameter. And if you want to clear a larger area, the deck size should be more than 15 inches.

Q: When to replace a lawn mower blade?

A: Usually, a lawn mower blade lasts for a long time. And it can provide a consistent performance. But if you find the grass cutting is not up to the mark or there is something wrong, you need to change the blade. When the blade loses sharpness, it may not cut the grasses in the right quantity. In that case, you have to change the blades.

Last words

With the best self-propelled lawn mower for hills, you can have lots of benefits. They can cut the grasses smoothly and with a less time. Besides, there are certain other features that will make the mowing experience pleasant.

You can select any of the lawn mowers from the list above. All the products are standard and have distinctive features. They last for a long time, and you can also have warranties against the products.

Happy lawn mowing!  

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