Whole Body Vibration Machine Benefits

If you are like most people who are still in dark about the benefits of using a vibration machine and thinking to yourself how can such a machine contribute to your physical well-being. Well, we get your concern. Let us hit you with some knowledge, regarding the benefits of using a vibration machine.

Whole Body Vibration initially started with a program designed for training Russian cosmonauts and due to its physiological benefit, now it’s becoming a viral program for overall workout and fitness benefits.

Whole vibration training has been becoming one of the most sought after form of physical activity not because it needs shorter exercising time but also because it’s very safe and effective for people of all ages. It does need one to at the peak level of their fitness level. Anybody can start doing this any time they want.

Here are the some benefits whole body vibration provides-

Bone density increase and reduced risk of osteoporosis

From research it has been found that whole body vibration helps to build stronger bones. It does this creating a hyper-gravity environment which exposes the body to an increased state of mechanical stress. It’s highly effective for people who have a lower bone density level as it increases the bone density to 5.6% after practicing after 6 months. People who have stronger bones reduces their risk of developing osteoporosis. So, it is particularly helpful for older generation as they faces the risk of osteoporosis the most.

Improved muscle strength and body composition

The research generated by Italian researches has displayed that for twice practice per week continual for 10 weeks can lead to the improvement of body composition of the practitioner. It has also increased muscle strength in obese women. This sort of exercise reduces fat level and strengthens muscles in the lower body, which was published in IJMS.

Vibration machines generally vibrates at a certain frequency upon setting, which helps in transmitting energy to the body. As a result, muscles rapidly expands and contract and eventually changing their strength level.

Reduced risk of falling and fractures

Strong bones and possessing a balanced body should be highest priority of every people. Because weaker bones and having poor balance are the catalyst behind falling miserably and fractures. Researchers from Spain has shown that, continuation of vibration workout increased having balanced body and reduced their rate of falling and fractures.

Improved blood flow and better lymphatic drainage

Due to muscle contraction and relaxation, blood circulation during vibration exercise increases. Increased blood flow speeds up the recovery rate of the body. As lymph flow increase happens, it leads to better drainage and helps to remove the toxins and unnecessary fluid of the body. Impaired lymphatic drainage causes tissue swelling. So, vibration exercises also helps in relieving oneself from suffering from swelling of legs.

Increased flexibility

Whole body vibration helps in increasing overall body’s flexibility due to its functional nature. It helps athletes to perform better as well healthy adults. On the vibration plate, exercise performing of diverse sort engages the core and hip flexors of a person for stabilizing their body. SO, the muscles around the joint gets stronger and due to overall movement of the organs, flexibility also tends to increase.

Increased Energy consumption rate

Before starting an aerobic session, spending a considerable amount of time on vibration plate’s increases energy loss and by burning calories helps to get in shape. Researches in American Journal has proved that WBV improved oxygen uptake and metabolic rate leading to efficient workout.

Reduced Stress and fatigue and helps to beat Insomnia

As muscle stimulation increase during vibrational exercises, it increases muscle stimulation and production of growth hormone and decrease stress hormone called cortisol. Thus it helps to reduce stress and fatigue and also helps in beating insomnia due to its 360 degree movement of the body.

Improved cardiovascular function and lessening of arterial stiffness

Whole body vibration exercises reduces arterial stiffness after workout. It leads to a better functioning cardiovascular system and decreases heart disease. So, it is very much recommended to people who have a higher chance of being a heart patient and prone to arterial stiffening.

Lowering the risk of diabetes

Researchers from Tehran found out that vibrational exercise for 10 minutes every day up to 8 weeks helps to decrease the levels of fasting glucose and improve the metabolic rate like traditional exercise. It’s a very effective strategy to control blood sugar level and decrease the risk of diabetes.

Tightens the skin and boost the body’s natural collagen production

Whole body vibrational exercises helps to tighten the risk and slowdowns the process of developing wrinkling skin. It also increases natural collagen production of the body, which eliminates cellulite and tones the area and thus improves skin elasticity.

Vibration machine benefit for losing weight

Losing body weight is major concern for many people worldwide. But many find the process of losing weight truly overwhelming.

Well if you would like to trim the fat in your body but hate traditional strenuous workout, then you surely should give whole body vibration exercises a try. It’s an effective easy to help achieve the goal of losing weight despite many people’s reluctance about if they are really effective. Well we are here to remove your form those concerns. We will try to relieve your concern through answering some FAQ containing hardcore statistical research information.

How does it work?

A vibration machines induces muscle contraction as it sends waves of energy to the body after you stand on it. It doesn’t take much effort like traditional exercise. So it is being thoroughly researched still and many are adopting this form of exercise due to its beneficial nature.

How many calories can you burn with a vibration machine?

Well to answer this crucial question, you have to first know that when you are standing above the vibration machine, your body is contracting and relaxing 30 to 50 times per second for keeping it stable. This differs from traditional exercise due to the fact that the vibration plate uses up ninety percent of the body muscles at one time. So, it is very effective for weight loss and burning calories.

How many calorie are being burned depends on some certain factors such as body composition, weight, height etc. However, generally a person can end up burning 200-500 calories per hour and 150-200 times during a 15 minutes session.

Lowering the risk of diabetes

Researchers from Tehran found out that vibrational exercise for 10 minutes every day up to 8 weeks helps to decrease the levels of fasting glucose and improve the metabolic rate like traditional exercise. It’s a very effective strategy to control blood sugar level and decrease the risk of diabetes.

Does vibration platforms really helps to lose weight?

Many fitness junkies disprove the fact that vibration platforms really have some significant impact in losing weight despite ample amount of proof being there to support the notion. They have the basic assumption of without straining, muscle gaining or burning fat isn’t possible.

During 2009 European congress of Obesity showed that, proper usage of vibration exercise tremendously impacted in losing weight. Among the people who were researched, the traditional exercise practitioners still had 6.9% of the original weight, while the vibration exercise practitioners lost their weight up to 10.5% after the research was completed. The astonishing results speaks loudly about the fact about the benefits of whole body vibrational platforms in losing weight. The basic reason behind such happening is that while being on the machine, your body constantly tries to balance itself and thus forcing the muscles to work harder which triggers significant weight loss. Vibration training increases metabolism which helps in losing weight.

However on needs to maintain a strict diet level and experiment with different form of exercises on the vibrational platforms to receive optimum benefit for losing weight.


Whole body vibration are gaining popularity and acceptance due to the diverse range of benefits they seem to promise. However further research will be going on by the producing companies. People willing to adopt the whole body vibration training should couple some exercising technique to gain maximum output. Whole body vibration exercises surely has some transformational benefit as the research found already. So, spread the benefits to your known circle, if you found them effective.

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Whole Body Vibration Machine Benefits
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Whole Body Vibration Machine Benefits
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